If a male recently stated that that cares about you then you might be wonder why and what it can mean about how that feels around you.

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This post will show you a variety of reasons why he can have said that that cares about you and also why other guys can do the exact same in the future.So, what walk it mean when a male says that he cares about you? It could be a authorize that the likes you especially if he just says it come you and also he shows other indicators of attraction when he is about you. That could also be the he considers friend a girlfriend or that he thought that friend were emotion sad.

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This would certainly be much more likely if he just says similar things to you and not come his other friends and also if the shows various body language and behavior through you than he does through his various other friends.
If that is attracted to you climate it would certainly be most likely that that would show signs that attraction, in his body language, once he is roughly you.
These signs could include doing points such as:Mirroring your body languageHolding an extensive eye contact with youAsking you the many questions when you’re in a team togetherStanding closer come you 보다 he usually stands to other peoplePositioning himself to be near youAsking her friends around youTalking come you v a depths voice 보다 he go with other peopleBecoming anxious as soon as you’re talking to various other menSticking roughly while you room with other menBasing his schedule about your scheduleGetting protective when you space both with other menWatching you once you space with various other menStaring at you then conveniently looking away or smiling when you noticeHis student dilate when he is v youSitting an ext upright once he notices youUncrossing his arms once he notices youAdjusting his hair or garments when he notices youPointing his feet in ~ you (people will often point their feet at human being that they space attracted to)Hugging friend the an ext and for much longer than he does through his other friendsThere are much more signs that attraction that a guy could show about you and also I have written about more of them in this blog post.
He considers girlfriend a friendThe reason that he said he cares about you can be the he considers you a friend.This would be an ext likely if he additionally says similar things come his other friends and also if he appears to connect with his various other friends in the same way that he does v you.If that does say similar things to his various other friends climate it could still be the situation that the is attractive to you. If the is then it would certainly be likely that he would show some signs of attraction, around you, the you might not have actually picked up on.
He think you’re feeling sadThe factor that he said it can be the he to be trying to reassure you due to the fact that he believed that girlfriend were emotion sad.This would be more likely if he stated it as soon as he to be alone with you, if friend were talking to him about something the made you feeling sad, if something taken place that would certainly make you feeling sad or if friend were showing some indicators of being sad.He desires to see what you think that himIt can have to be the situation that that is attractive to you yet he wanted to watch whether or no you are additionally attracted come him.
If this is why he stated it climate it would certainly be much more likely that he would show signs that attraction around you and that he would just said it once to see just how you would certainly respond.Consider the method that he reacts to see youWhen make the efforts to recognize why he said that that cares around you and also how he feels around you that could help to think about how the reacts as soon as he sees you.If you an alert that he transforms his body language and also behavior, noticeably, then it would certainly make it more likely the he has specifically strong feelings because that you.
So, if you notification that he reaction to seeing you through doing things such as:Adjusting his appearanceAdjusting his postureFacing in the direction of you (especially through his feet)Moving closer come youHaving more dilated pupilsThen it would make it more likely that he is attracted to you.Consider exactly how he interacts v his various other friendsIt would also assist to take into consideration how that interacts v his various other friends and also how the compares to his interactions with you.
If you notice that he likewise says similar things to his various other friends and also he shows similar body language and also behavior roughly them climate it would make it much more likely the he considers friend a friend.Whereas, if that shows various body language and behavior through you then it would certainly be much more likely that he is attractive to girlfriend assuming he alters it in a means that reflects attraction.Look for a number of body language signsWhen thinking about what his human body language can be suggesting it would help to take into consideration multiple indicators at the same time.
This is due to the fact that a solitary body language sign can mean multiple different things. This can an outcome in solitary body language indications being much less reliable on their own.Whereas, it would certainly be an ext likely that someone would display a variety of different human body language signs, every pointing towards the exact same meaning, because that that details reason.
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