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Key: Mandarin Chinese information. Old Wade-Giles romanization provided only in Taiwan. Japanese information. Buddhist definition. Note: may not apply to all sects.Definition might be various outside that Buddhism.

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(1) (slang) (abbreviation) (See コラージュ) photomontage; manipulated photo; photoshopped picture; (2) kora (West-African instrument); (3) geol kora layer; layer formed from volcanic ash on the southern part of the Satsuma Peninsula; (place-name) Kola; Cora


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(conj,int) (1) hey!; interjection supposed to scold or reprove someone; (2) hey!; interjection to speak to out to someone


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koura / koraこうら



(1) covering (of crab, tortoise, etc.); carapace; plastron; (2) person"s back; (3) years of experience; (surname) Koura


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koura / koraこうら
(surname) Koura


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koraこら children


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kora; kora; goruァこら; コラ; ゴルァ (interjection) (1) (used to scold or reprove) hey!; (interjection) (2) (used to speak to out to someone) hey!
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