This Minecraft tutorial explains the Luck effect with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

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Supported Platforms

The Luck impact is accessible in the adhering to versions of Minecraft:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
Java execution (PC/Mac)Yes (1.9)
Pocket edition (PE)
Xbox 360
Yes (TU46)
Xbox One
Yes (CU35), however removed in (1.2)
Yes (1.38)
Yes (1.38)
Wii U
Yes (Patch 15)
Nintendo Switch
Yes, yet removed in (1.5.0)
Windows 10 Edition
Education Edition

* The version that the was included or removed, if applicable.NOTE: pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition space now dubbed Bedrock Edition. We will continue to display them personal for version history.


The Luck effect is a status result that rises the opportunities of getting valuable loot.

There space levels of lucky such together Luck II, luck III, lucky IV and so on. The greater the level the Luck, the much more luck that is given.

Status EffectTypeDescriptionEffect IconParticlesItems that provide EffectGame Command
Helpful Effect
Increases the opportunities of getting an useful loot
Green particle effects show up floating roughly you
arrowhead of lucky (0:37) potion of happy (5:00) Splash potion (5:00) Lingering medicine (1:15)
/effect command

Icon and Particle Effects

When you have actually the happy effect, the following icon will show up in the top right corner of your screen:

You will additionally see particle results floating approximately you. In the latest version of Minecraft, this particle results will it is in green.

When the Luck impact wears off, the icon and also particle results will disappear. You will certainly be back to your regular status.


Depending on just how you gain the effect, the expression of the Luck effect will it is in different. To see exactly how much time is staying for the effect, walk to her inventory menu.

In this example, it says 3:45 under Luck therefore this means that there is 3 minutes and also 45 seconds remaining of the luck effect.

Items that offer the luck Effect

The complying with are items that give the Luck effect in Minecraft:

How to do an arrow of luck (0:37)

How to do a potion of lucky (5:00)

How to make a Splash potion of lucky (5:00)

How to make a Lingering potion of lucky (1:15)

Effect ID and also Name

In Minecraft, Luck has actually the following effect ID and Name values:

IconStatus Effect(Minecraft i would Name)IDPlatformVersion
Luck(luck)26Java edition (PC/Mac)1.9

DefinitionsIcon is the picture that will appear when you have actually this effect.ID is the interior number because that the effect.Platform is the platform that applies.Version is the Minecraft version number the the result was introduced for the name and also ID the is listed.

See a finish list the Minecraft results that is interactive and also searchable.

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Effect Command because that Luck


Effect Command in Minecraft Java edition (Current)


/effect give
p luck 99999Luck II:

/effect give
p happy 99999 1Luck (highest level):

/effect give
p happy 99999 255To remove all status results including Luck, you can either drink milk or usage the following /effect command:

/effect clean

Effect Command in Minecraft Java execution (PC/Mac) 1.11 and 1.12


p happy 99999Luck II:

p lucky 99999 1Luck (highest level):

p lucky 99999 255To remove all condition effects:

p clear

Other standing Effects

Here room the other status impacts in Minecraft such as:

Status Effects
Bad Luck
Bad Omen
Conduit Power
Dolphin"s Grace
Fatal Poison
Fire Resistance
Health Boost
Hero of the Village
Instant Damage
Instant Health
Jump Boost
Mining Fatigue
Night Vision
Slow Falling
Water Breathing
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