"Oikos," aside from being a well-known brand that yogurt, is a indigenous infused v a an excellent deal of meaning, hope, and promise. When in the scriptures it have the right to mean "a house"(an lived in house, home, any building whatever, any dwelling place), or "descendants," I"m utilizing it in the sense of "all the persons forming one family, a household.

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In English, "household" connotes the nuclear family.In the Greek however, its intake is more comprehensive and encompasses family, neighbors, coworkers,and friends, and those v whom us come into constant contact. This 8-15 world may be your neighbors, coworkers, neighborhood barista, grocery keep clerk, parental on your kid"s sport team, your hair dresser, professor, physics therapist, roommate, company associate, mechanic, waiter at your favorite restaurant, dog groomer, gardener, carpool buddies, dentist, etc.

This concept of family members is nothing new to Granite Creek,

but oikos does offer a fresh means to reemphasis our means of doing things at Granite Creek Community Church. God has actually placed has 8-15 people in your round of influence who are unchurched and need come hear the an excellent News. During this season the oikos, I want to better equip you, (the church body) come reach her 8-15 people. The recent statistics native Surprising Insights indigenous the Unchurched, by Thom Reiner, state that 96 percent the unchurched human being are open to attending church if a loved one or friend invited them.

Think around this: over there are people within your oikos just waiting for an invite to church. Note 5:19 exhorts us, "Go residence to your own human being (your oikos) and also tell them exactly how much the Lord has done for you, and how the has had mercy ~ above you."God has been working in your lives and also we gain to serve as the bridge that brings them closer come Christ.

Oikos in the Bible

This principle of oikos is found throughout the Bible:

Luke 8:39 The demoniac was told to go back to his household and described the an excellent things done because that him.Luke 19:9 Zacchaeus was told salvation to be on his household.John 4:53 The centurion"s whole household to be saved adhering to the healing of his son.Acts 18:8Luke explains how Crispus, leader that the synagogue at Corinth, believed in the Lord v all his household.Luke 15In the 3 parables about a lost coin, a lost sheep, and a lost son, every tell of the rejoicing as soon as the lost was found.In all three situations they told your friends and family.The article of hope was passed on through the oikos.John 1:40-41 This verse tells of Andrew pass his brother to Christ.John 1:44-45 This passage speak of Philip bringing his friend Nathanael come Christ.

Michael Green, in Evangelism in the beforehand Church, observes how the new Testament church strongly adhered to the oikos principle as its primary strategy because that the Christian advance.Early believer grasped that as soon as the post of belief was heard and demonstrated through friends and also family, receptiveness to the Gospel greatly increased.

I think oikos flourished in the early church since of two foundational characteristics: integrity and life transformation. If the people you regularly come into call with see you life the way of living you insurance claim to stand for (that that a Christ-follower), the speaks volumes, and also your life climate becomes an open up invitation. Vice versa, the person in her oikos will additionally be keenly aware if you exhibit a absence of verity (disconnect between our words and actions).

What we have become and also are ending up being is the testimony the Christ"s transforming power. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "If any kind of man is in Christ the is a new creature. Old things pass away and also all things come to be new."

Growing the Oikos Way

Research mirrors that church with growing congregations save on computer a better percentage of Christians that take serious oikos principle—that is inviting the 8-15 world with whom they consistently interact. A whopping 75-90 percent of new church attendees concerned church due to the fact that someone within your oikos invited them. The two main entry points for brand-new church goers space Sunday company and little groups.

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Developing one Oikos Strategy

According come church health and wellness guru Thom Reiner, each among us (that consists of us Granite Creekers) stays at the intersection of four worlds: biological, vocational, geographical, and also volitional. The organic world is composed of human being related to me by blood or marriage (siblings, mothers, fathers, in-laws, etc.). Coworkers and business associates consist of one"s vocational world. The geographical human being includes prompt community, such as neighbors. The volitional people is a civilization of my choice—that is, leisurely activities, sports, hobbies, etc.

If each among us pooled 8-15 human being from our four worlds, our oikos makes sense. This weird Greek work ceases to sound foreign and abstract and takes top top real definition when perceived through the valuable lens that our everyday lives. If each one of us cursed to inviting simply 8 people from our oikos, think the how numerous potential brand-new Christ pendant we could welcome to Granite Creek! That"s 2,400 brand-new believers (300 adult constant attenders X 8 world each=2,400)! Talk about a large evangelistic potential!

As a church body, it"s crucial for us to not just understand, but take on and plot on this Greek word. It develops the core of how we will "do church" in 2012. Luke 10:2 says, ". . .The harvest indeed is abundant, however the farmhands room few. Pray as such the mr of the harvest come send the end laborers right into His harvest." with oikos, Granite Creek community Church stands all set to prize the contact of the harvest in 2012! i encourage you to start praying i m sorry 8-15 people you"re inviting to church. Let"s role our sleeves up and also harvest church family!