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Ghastly grim and old Raven wandering from the Nightly shore –

Tell me what your lordly name is top top the Night"s Plutonian shore!"

Quoth the crow "Nevermore"

We"re in Edgar Allan Poe"s supervisor famous, at sight long, at sight awesome poem, "The Raven."

These lines consist of the second half of the eighth stanza. Previously, the speaker has actually been reminiscing about a shed lover and also trying to uncover the resource of a pass out tapping, when lastly he opens the window, and, in the seventh stanza, in procedures a "stately crow of the saintly job of yore." The speaker, since he"s not quite all there, automatically begins to inquiry the raven and, to his surprise, he"s gave with an answer.

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What deserve to we say? It"s Poe.

This quote is the first—but definitely not the last—time the crow drops his catchphrase, and also while that might show up to it is in a straightforward word (the speaker himself admits he probably simply picked it increase "from some unhappy master"), that doesn"t continue to be this method in his mind because that long.

In the very next stanza, that interprets "nevermore" together the Raven"s name. To it is in fair, it"s the Raven"s solution when the speaker asks that his name...though us doubt the Raven taken the question.

The following time the Raven says "nevermore," the speak takes it together a reply the the crow will never ever leave him—as that was simply thinking this really thing. Again, the speaker thinks the reply was apt, yet we wonder if it was a reply at all.

Finally, together the speaker is imagining the Raven"s fiery eyes burning into his bosom"s core (ouch), the hears the word as a reference to his lost love (a woman with a conveniently rhyming name) Lenore. That makes him freak out at the Raven, whom he call a wretch and also a "thing that evil," together he pours out his anger and loneliness upon the negative creature who only said a solitary word the "little relevancy bore."

So probably the speak is projecting a little bit, but there"s no doubt that "nevermore" never ever had more meaning.

Where you"ve heard it

You"ve most likely seen all sorts that mugs and novelty t-shirts v this line on it. The quote is everywhere the place, especially for those an ext inclined to the dark gloominess the the poem and also its verbose expression the loss and also emotion.

You know who friend are.

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Pretentious Factor

If you were to autumn this quote at a dinner party, would you obtain an in-unison "awww" or would certainly everyone roll their eyes and also never invite friend back? here it is, on a scale of 1-10.