I got Sea Urchin in a otherwise really great sushi ar in Brooklyn, NY called Chikurin. It wasn't alive or in it's shell. The tasted choose bitter acidic chemicals, like it wasn't expected to be eaten. Among the worst points I've ever tasted and also I'm a substantial sea food and also sushi fan.

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Did I get a poor one? What is it an alleged to taste like? from what ns read, human being love it but I can't imagine everyone liking what i tasted. The was like licking a janitors closet in a grocery store store.


I think you acquired a bad one. As soon as uni is not fresh, the starts to rotate bitter and also the texture starts to rotate slimy, I supplied to have actually those and I didn't like them in ~ all.

A an excellent piece of uni need to look like this and also it should be sweet and creamy, some might have a sea water/mineral taste to it, but never bitter. It's a reasonably expensive item so i guess some restaurants keep uni much much longer than they should.

Good uni tastes like briney, well-off egg yolk. Looks like a weird yellow tongue, however if it's fresh, is delicious. Ns love it with some shiso and also ikura. Hokkaido is also better than Santa Barbara, in my opinion.

Give it another go sometime. If you go to Kura in the eastern Village, castle serve excellent uni.

The taste the uni is tough to describe, however you should try and eat it in ~ a fancier japanese restaurant the uses better ingredients. From my memory, Chikurin is not negative but I might tell that they most likely won't have actually really high top quality sushi when most of your a-la-carte menu is $1 a piece. I enjoyed my suffer there yet it was an ext of a casual funny meal fairly than a genuine sushi experience. When you taste great uni you'll know it; I always hated it till I ate a good piece.

Chikurin is a good joint for rolls however not the piece that requirements to be eaten extremely fresh. These little restaurants don't have actually enough company to have the freshest ingredients.

Uni is my favorite sushi, the only locations that served good Uni space at locations that sell omakase. This ensures that they space fresh and also high quality. Try it again in ~ a much more notable place, i guarantee you'll like it as soon as fresh

When I had it it tasted sweet and creamy v the taste the the s that your would also get from raw clams or oysters. For sure delicious

I have the right to eat virtually all fish, but Uni? Blech. I'd rather slit mine wrists and shoot heroin into said slits.

I've had uni that come from Boston and uni that come from Vancouver. I desired the latter and also it taste creamy, buttery, slightly salty v a little hint the sweet honey.

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I make the efforts Uni because that the first time today, and it taste nice and also creamy. The one the I had tasted favor the s smells (Faint braided taste, yet not overpowering in ~ all). The texture is unique, yet it tastes prefer heaven.