You probably never imagine you would be spring this up--but expertise skunk poop can aid you. Over there is more than one method skunks can make life accurate stink. Skunks are nocturnal creatures and often walk undetected for long periods. So, if you suspect you have actually a skunk life under her porch, beneath your home, or somewhere nearby, that is a good idea to know what skunk droppings watch like.

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How to determine skunk poop


The following time you discover droppings on her property, take a moment to check out if they have actually the complying with characteristics:

Dark brown droppings that have actually a many insect components in them room most likely skunk droppings

Skunk droppings can additionally contain large amounts the seeds, fur, berries, grass and also feathers.

These droppings are tubular and tend come disintegrate once prodded with an object.

Depending top top the skunk, these droppings can be ½ to ¼ of an inch in diameter and 1 to 2 customs in length.

Look in areas where you doubt skunks could have been feeding or digging or near what girlfriend suspect may be a den. Come tell if skunk poop is new or old right here is what come look for: Brighter, black-colored droppings that space moist to the touch are fresh. Enlarge skunk poop is frequently faded and also will crumble or become pulverized. Squishing the droppings v a stick will tell you if that is soft and also fresh, or dry and old.

Reasons you execute not desire skunks living roughly your home


One reason you don"t want skunks living close to your house is the potential of obtaining sprayed. Over there is naught worse than the odor of skunk increase close. That smells choose burning chemicals and also if it gets inside her house, it will certainly linger for days and even weeks. Friend may get used come it, yet when you walk anywhere, those approximately you room sure to notice the smell. Yet there"s an additional reason skunks space a poor idea to have around: disease.

What skunks may be carrying.

A nasty smelling spray is not the just danger you have to worry around withskunks. TheCDC point out this pest as a rabies threat and a transport of the adhering to diseases, viruses, and also parasites:

ListeriosisHepatitisLeptospirosisQ-feverTularemiaTrypanosomaRingwormsTapewormsCanine distemperEquine protozoalMyeloencephalitisFeline panleukopenia virus

What do all those large words mean? For her dog, it can mean lethargy, fever, nausea, diarrhea and also neurological damages that can lead come lifelong ailments. For her cats, feline panleukopenia is commonly fatal. For your horses, it have the right to mean major nerve damages resulting in weakness, muscle debilitation, paralysis and also lameness. No one of which room good. However what is most disturbing is what some of these poor things can do to humans. Listeriosis begins with fatigue, diarrhea, rash and also fever, and can end with paralysis and also swelling of the brain. Hepatitis strikes kidneys, lungs, liver and also the spleen. Roundworms choose baylisascariasis make their method into the brain, liver and also eyes, bring about neurological damage, blindness and also worse.

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What come do as soon as a skunk move in


There space some things you together a homeowner can do come deter skunks from living on your residential property such as: remove food sources, installation bright lamp or automated sprinklers, or putting up obstacles that skunks cannot climb over. However, if you identify skunk poop, find holes in her lawn, an alert a pass out skunk smell, notification dogs barking at night, or actually check out a skunk waddling away, climate it is time to speak to a professional. Please, perform not try to get rid of these noxious pests on your own. Thomas Pest services is a in your ar owned and operated pest control firm and the proud recipient of the 2013 and also 2014 Angie"s perform Super company Award. If you have a skunk problem, offer us a call.