I love Michigan. Anyone who knows me to know that i am the very an interpretation of "Smitten v the Mitten." ns love to vacation in Michigan: In fact, I simply arrived home from an remarkable week in Petoskey and also Harbor Springs (an annual tradition) v my wife's family.



We have actually lots of legacies (like mini-golf v all the cousins), but one that my favourite is the relaxing (which ns don"t typically do very well!).

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I love it all: the water, the weird towns, the eats, the MI do products, the people...the golf! Michigan is the finest place come live, work, and also play.


Michigan, though, is much more than just a great vacation destination. My roots operation deep into this soil, and I can"t wait to raise my household here.


Owning a tiny business in Michigan is not always easy, but I wouldn"t profession my ar for anything. We space constantly functioning to boost our business and also our team, but the factors we execute what we execute have much more to perform with the people around us. Our mission is come effect adjust in our neighborhood through service and also a real love because that others.

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Effecting adjust in our ar through service and a genuine love for others.


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