The ireland surname Gibson is patronymic in origin, belonging come that group of surnames derived from the an initial name the the dad of the initial bearer. Thus, it simply denotes “son the Gilbert”, of which Gibb was a common diminutive in middle ages times. Gilbert subsequently originates in the Old germanic “Gislebert”, meaning “pledge/hostage-bright”. In Ireland bearers the the name are usually progeny of the Scottish Gibson’s who settled in Ulster in the ten century. The Scottish Gibson’s room a branch the the clan Buchanan. An initial records of your name date from 1335, when a man Gibson surrendered the castle of Rothesay. A cutting board Gibson hosted land in Dumfries in 1425. The Gibson’s of Caithness and Orkney are greatly of Edinburgh origin, if the Gibson’s of Durie, day from 1500 having actually held floor in Durie till 1785. Among the earliest referrals to this name in Ireland is a document of one man Gibson, the boy of thomas Gibson, that was christened ~ above April 16, 1661 in Templemore, Derry. George Gibson, the kid of william Gibson and Mary Cain, to be born in may 1686 in Drumgor, Armagh. Hugh Gibson, the boy of Andrew and Isabell Gibson, was christened on October 24, 1680 in Saint Catherine’s Church, Dublin. Robert Gibson wed Martha Grimes top top June 20, 1690 in Lisburn, Antrim.

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More recently, there is one entry for the wedding of Patrick Gibson and also Anne Mahaffey, commemorated on November 18, 1846 in Donegal. Amongst the most notable bearers of the name have been Charles Gibson 1867-1944, the American illustrator and also creator of the “Gibson Girl”, and also Paris Gibson 1830-1920, the American pioneer. Research study is of course ongoing and there may still be much more documentation found that suggests an also earlier date than the one pointed out above.


My moms family members came from Sweden the Gibsons.I believed I was a descendent from Sweden.Now I’m finding the end original household was ScottishWow, deserve to anyone aid me through this?

Gibson is hard to track down to a single area. Ns firmly believe that Gibson is Scandinavian and merely a component of those who conquered then assimilated. Therefore we space mutts… yeah… however most importantly…. We room survivors. Goodluck on her quest.

Well the surname is most certainly not Scandinavian. Uneven one considers that the surname came around from the normans who attacked England. Of food the norman were first and second generation Norsemen, it is the surname of your French enclave, Normandie. As prompt descendants the Scandinavia, they carried Scandinavian social traits v them come England. It is registered the suffix “son“, is that course, a Scandinavian cultural trait. Yet the name Gibson arose in northern England and southern Scotland. The civilization who bore the surname were most absolutely not Scandinavian.

Well, i am an African-American through the exact same last name. So, exactly how the name pertained to me is really different than exactly how it came to you. According to my DNA profile, the English/Scottish/Irish genes entered my household lineage in between 1700 and also 1750 or somewhere thereabouts. So, as you have the right to guess, it was most likely not cordially invited to do so. So, ns am most likely the product of a rape.

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However, ns am really interested in recognize out about the Gibson or Gibson’s who immigrated come America in the 17th and also 18th centuries.