What does Ferris mean?


together a boys" name is the Irish and Gaelic origin, and the an interpretation of Ferris is "rock". Anglicized spelling of Phiarais, of Piaras, a Gaelic kind of Peter. May also come from a surname, originally a kind of Fergus. Watch Hamish for a comparable derivation from a vocative. Brought to fist in the 1980s by the movie "Ferris Bueller"s work Off".ENDS through -is

ASSOCIATED through irish, rock, surname


VARIANTS Farris, Farrish, Ferriss

RELATED creates VIA FERGUS, PETER Feargus, Fergie, Petros

CREATIVE FORMS(male) (female) center NAME PAIRINGSFerris Dane (F.D.), ..

How well-known is Ferris?

Ferris is one uncommon given name because that men yet a an extremely popular surname for all people (#1585 out of 150436, optimal 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Ferris entered the perform in 1890-1899 and also reached that apex place of #1058 in the U.S. In the 1910s, however is not found in the list at the moment. (2018 U.S. SSA RECORDS)



Which variation is better?

Prominent varying creates of Ferris appearing in the height 2000 are Farris, Hamish and also Peter (#211 IN 2018). These connections of Ferris to be favored through parents throughout 1950-1959 (ADOPTION that 0.5%) and are now significantly less typical (ADOPTION 0.1%, under 80%).

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Similar Names

Ferris is alike in pronunciation to Faris and Firus. Other argued similar-sounding names are Aerric, Arris, Bernis, Borris, Derrie, Derrik, Derril, Derrin, Derrius, Fares, Farrin, Fenris, Ferdi, Ferdie, Feri, Fermin, Ferran, Ferrar, Ferrars, Ferrel, Ferrer, Ferrier, Ferrill, Ferrin, Ferron, Ferryl, Floris, Gerri, Gerrie, Gerrit, Harris, Herrik (see Herrick), Jerri, Jerric, Jerrie, Jerrik, Jerrin, Jerriq, Jervis, Kerrie, Merrik, Merril, Morris▼, Norris▼, Parris, Perrie, Perrin, Terri, Terrie, Terrin, Terris and also Terrius. These names tend to be much more frequently offered than Ferris.