What does Haley mean?


together a boys" name (also used much more regularly together girls" name Haley) is of Old English, Irish and Gaelic origin, and also the meaning of Haley is "hay meadow; ingenious, clever". Place name. Hayley has become popular as a girl"s name. Football player Charles Haley; gibbs Haley Joel Osment.STARTS/ENDS through Ha-, -ley

ASSOCIATED through old english, irish, meadow, clever (intelligent), famous (famous)


VARIANTS Hailey, Haily, Haleigh, Halley, Hallie▼, Hayleigh, Hayley

CREATIVE FORMS(male) Hamley, .. (female) Hane, .. Middle NAME PAIRINGSHaley Prince (H.P.), ..

How popular is Haley?

Haley is an unusually occurring first name because that men but a very prominent last surname for all people (#869 the end of 150436, top 1%). (2000 U.S. DEMOGRAPHICS)

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Haley gotten in the list in 1993 and also reached its optimal rank of #1973 in the U.S. Then, however is not ranked at the moment. (TOP 2000 NAMES, 2018)



Which version is better?

Hallie is the only other renowned alternative type of Haley. These develops of Haley were at the height of your popularity in the 1890s, yet now, the variation Hallie has end up being somewhat dated.

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Similar Names

Haley is alike in pronunciation come Hali, Hawley, Hawly, Heli and Hilly. Other suggested similar-sounding names space Adley, Baley, Cacey, Caley, Casey▼, Coley, Dacey, Dahey, Daley, Davey, Dawley, Hadlea (see Hadley), Hadlee, Hadley, Hadly, Hagen, Haglea (see Hagley), Hagley, Hagly, Hal▼, Hale, Halen, Halim, Hall, Halle, Hallem, Hallsey (see Halsey), Halsey, Halsy, Hamlen, Hamlet, Handley, Hanlea, Hanlee, Hanley, Hany, Harel, Harlea, Harlee, Harley▼, Harry▼, Hartley, Havel, Hawes, Hayle, Hazel▼, Hazen, Headley, Hedley, Henley, Huey▼, Hurley, Huxley▲, Jamey▼, Kaley, Kasey▼, Kayley, Kiley, Macey, Manley, Marley▲, Maxey, Oakley▲, Paley, Radley, Ramey, Rawley, Tavey, Warley and Wiley▼. These names often tend to be much more commonly used than Haley.