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join & junct

These ROOT-WORDS space JUNCT & JOIN which typical JOIN. This word perform is a really fine illustration that the value of discovering the root to our language. Just the ROOT, sign up with of the whole list deserve to stand alone. All the twenty native are accumulated by the root which are joined together. Fifteen root are stood for in this list. Twelve of them you have actually learned formally, each on its own page. Good going!1. Junction : JUNCT ion (junk’ shun) n.Act that joining; ar of meeting2. Time : JUNCT ure (junk’ chur) n.A joining; a concurrence of circumstances3. Junctive : JUNCT i have (junk’ tive) adj.Tending come join4. Adjoining : ad JOIN ing (aj join’ ing) adj.Attached; as, adjoining houses5. Adjunct : advertisement JUNCT (aj’ unkt) n.Something added; someone who assists another6. Adjunctive : advertisement JUJCT ive ( ajunk’ tiv) adj.Tending to sign up with together7. Adjunctive : ab JUNCT i have (ab junk’ tiv) adj.Tending to dissever8. Conjoin : con join (kon join’) v.Unite; as, conjoin in wedlock9. Conjoiner : con sign up with er (kon join’ er) n.One who or that which is brought together10. Conjunctive : con JUNCT i have (kon junk’ tiv) adj.Tending to join together11. Connect : con JUNCT ion (kon junk’ shun) n.A component of decided which joins words or sentence as, in one and two, and also is a conjunction12. Conjuncture : con JUNCT ure (kon junk’ chur) n.A coming together; as, a conjuncture that events13. Conjunctiva : con JUNCT iva (kon junk tie’ va) n.The mucous membrane which lines the inner surface ar of the eyelids14. Conjunctivitis : con JUNCT livitis (kon junk ti vite’ is) n.Inflammation that the conjunctiva15. Disjoint : dis sign up with t (dis joint’) v.Separate16. Disjunctive : dis JUNCT i have (dis junk’ tiv) adj.Tending to separate; to disjoin17. Enjoin : en join (en join’) v.To put an stimulate upon; to command; come forbid; as, come enjoin through oath18. Enjoinder : en join der (en join’ der) n.That which is enjoined, or forbidden19. Injunction : in JUNCT ion (in junk’ shun) n.Act that enjoining; a restraining order20. Interjunction : inter JUNCT ion (in ter junk’ shun) n.A mutual joiningGo to the Etymology index Page.From join residence PAGE

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Lav,lot,lut & laut space the root-words for countless other words.Clud & clus room the root-words for countless words.Leg is the root-word for numerous other words.Lum, luc,lun & lus space the root-words for numerous other words.Se is the root-word for countless other words.