I to be not sure why who in occurred countries like the UK or Germany could be interested in the dog breeds qualified of killing a wild lion. However, if I lived in a country where I could run right into a wild lion, ns would want to know and also then buy one of those dogs.

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In fact, and I will explain this later, i would want at the very least two or 3 of these dogs.

The adhering to dog each other are qualified of killing a lion: Wolfdogs, Tibetan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Neopalitan Mastiff, Rottweilers, Boerboel, Fila Brasilerio, and Kangals. Rhodesian Ridgebacks room not able to death a lion.

Lions room intimidating, substantial animals. They might be the perfect hunter. It would take dire case for a dog to strike one of this beasts. But, if they had to, which dogs have the right to kill a lion?

Canine hunting Tactics

There space several other dog breeds the could achieve the task simply based upon their hunting style.

If you have ever before watched a documentary on wolf or hyenas, you understand that their strength is in their numbers. So, I would certainly say that nearly any huge dog breed can kill a lion if over there are sufficient of the dogs.

So, the real challenging part that this question needs to do through what are the situations of the lion/dog duel?

If we are talking around a one-on-one match, climate the perform of dog that can actually death a lion becomes incredibly small. Even big, solid dogs would battle in that situation, due to the fact that it is not the organic fighting style of a pack animal like a dog.

Lions, top top the various other hand, can fight one-on-one or in groups. They are well adjusted at various searching techniques which would give them the top hand in a solo match.

Motivation Matters

Why they room fighting is one more thing that really comes into play.

Many that the dogs listed above are well-known for their loyal, protective natures. If among these dog felt like they had to stand their ground to defend an owner, the game alters dramatically. Now, the dog is much much more likely to was standing its ground and fight come the fatality rather than simply escape through its life.

On the other hand, if the lion is at the allude of starving, then it will certainly go to even greater lengths come secure the next meal fairly than just passing ~ above a challenging fight that—even if the wins—might cause a attention injury.

Dog v the ideal Chance to death a Lion

So, i have explained the variables that could lead to various outcomes in the event that a dog (or load of dogs) determined to take on a lion. Now, let’s attend to the attributes of the dog each other most likely to successfully take ~ above a lion and win.


This is the closest thing we have to a wolf in a trained canine.

As the name suggests, Wolfdogs are the offspring the a trained dog and a wild gray wolf.

These dogs space not great family dogs together they are really independent and also basically one-half wild!

Wolfdog — fifty percent gray wolf and half domesticated dog.

Their close link to the an excellent wild, offers these dog an upper hand on numerous of the other tamed breeds that i will point out in this article.

They are fantastic hunters and are recognized to take on food much larger than themselves—including a fully-grown bull moose—and win.

I believe that if the pack were big enough, these doges have the top hand on a lion in every little thing cage hit you space trying come setup in between dogs and lions.

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a huge dog. On height of being large, these imposing creatures come through an substantial coat the serves as an reliable protective class in the occasion that they have to pertained to blows with a lion, tiger, or bear. (Oh my!)


They can weigh approximately 150 pounds. Regardless of their size, this dogs room surprisingly agile and also quick (both skills that would certainly come in comfortable if one ever before had to fight a Lion).

The Tibetan Mastiff is the forefather of all other mastiff breeds.Nobody really knows the lift or background of these monsters that the mountains. Partly because they space so old, but, additionally because Tibet has been so isolated up till the last few decades.

It is clear, however, that these pets have to be a favourite guard dog in that area for fairly some time.

Dogo Argentino

This unique hunting dog is the an outcome of particular breeding that started in 1928. Anotonio Nores Martinez was in search of a brave, loyal hunting dog that might even take under a wild boar or puma.

In his find for the perfect huge game hunting dog, he obtained from breeds like an excellent danes, terriers, and also bulldogs.

The result was a white, muscular dog that usually fears nothing.

Its reputation has actually not been restricted to four-legged animals that run roughly in the forests of Argentina. Because of that fierce attitude and also incredible strength, part scrupulous individuals have used these dogs in the fighting rings. This has offered them a call which caused them being banned in some countries.

The Dogo Argentino is no a bad selection if you have to walk through rough parts of the african safari.

Neopalitan Mastiff

This mastiff is a large as the is beautiful. My wife loves the rolfes on this dog’s face. They make him look choose a big old teddy bear. However, don’t get too close. These beefy fellas deserve to really execute some damages if castle perceive a risk or require to safeguard their owners.

Their days as guard dog date back to the moment of Rome.

Their loose skin and large boned frame will help it stand up to the onslaught that wild lions. The muscular body and jaw will allow it to supply the last blow if the lion stick roughly long enough to be caught in them.


Rotty’s have been well-known guard dogs because that as lengthy as I have actually been interested in canines. Your looks are enough to scare off any type of intruder.

Photo by Екатерина Мясоед ~ above Pexels.com

These dogs, like all of the breeds on this list, are extremely driven by loyalty and a fearless determination to defend their “pack”.

If this dog considers you a component of its pack, then you have the right to be specific that it would certainly stand in between you and also a wild lion. Whether or no the Rottweiler would be able to be a lion ~ above its own is doubtful.

A full-grown Rottweiler will certainly stand around 26 inch tall and also weigh around 120 to 130 pounds. A mature lion will certainly stand 48 inches at the shoulder and also weigh nearly 400 pounds. So, exactly how in the world would a Rottweiler ever have the ability to kill a lion?

Well, i go ago to my comment before about how dogs favor to hunting in packs. In a same fight, a Rottweiler will certainly lose.

But, if you were fighting a lion, would certainly you worry around whether girlfriend were following the rules. NO WAY!

So, the price is to invite several of your Rottweiler’s friends and also then corridor up ~ above the wild lion. In that situation, Rottweiler’s might kill a lion.


This is another Mastiff offshoot (are you see a pattern because I am).

The Boerboel is additionally known together the south African Mastiff and the Boerboel Lion Dog.

With a name favor that you would certainly assume the it is capable of taking on a lion.

Some records indicate that as at an early stage as the 1850s, hunters to be crossing bulldogs v mastiffs to gain a hunting dog that might go ~ baboons and leopards.

These dogs space so fearsome the several nations have banned them native being lugged into your boundaries. Romania, because that example, will certainly only allow you to very own a Boerboel if you have actually a judge’s court stimulate mandating it. Yeah. Good luck gaining that!

The Boerboel to be trained to hunt in package when searching for baboons or leopards. Back there to be an account the one details dog that was able to win its very first four one-on-one battles through leopards. The 5th one-on-one encounter confirmed to be also much and the leopard killed the dog.

However, the allude being that these dogs were actually trained come fight in packs and also if a fill of castle encountered a lion, there is a an excellent chance the the fill would death a solitary lion.

Fila Brasilerio

Guess what! Yup.

The Fila Brasilerio is one more Mastiff. This is the Brasilian Mastiff. This is another large breed dog the was trained to track its food through any kind of kind that circumstances.

However, unlike their south African cousins, the Brasilerio was no trained to kill its prey. Instead, they would certainly just organize it down until the hunter come to end up the job.

Just because the Brasilerio was not trained come kill, don’t let the convince you that the massive canine would certainly not be as much as the task. It is amazing what an pet can do when it is inserted in a life and death situation. The reproduction of these dogs convinces me the once placed in a one-on-one situation with a lion, there could be an uncomfortable in the making—especially if there are more than among the Brasilerio dogs hanging around.

They to be especially useful in death jaguars the caused problems on Brasilian ranches. So, lock have much more than a little experience fighting nasty cats.

Even though these dog seem clumsy and also awkward, they space actually an extremely agile and also quick. Think about it. Space you quick enough to catch and also kill a jaguar? Me neither!


The Kangal dogs came from the Kangal district in Turkey and most people believe that they (like so numerous others on this list) descend from a lengthy line of different mastiffs.

It is not difficult to watch the mastiff blood as soon as you think about the shape of the Kangal’s head and its enormous size. Traditionally, they were supplied to watch end property, livestock, and also even family members members.

The Kangals room strong-headed and also determined dogs the will usage their strength and also willpower to stand up against threats. Luckily, plenty of threats have the right to be deterred simply since the animal is therefore large.

They have actually one of the the strongest bites in the canine world. They can bite down through an average force of 743 pounds every square inch. That is favor a tiny car landing on your throat and that could be problematic.

Photo through Jozef Fehér ~ above Pexels.com

Kangals were relied on come fight off the Turkish wolves. These raiders the the flocks cause all type of chaos for the farmers and shepherds. So, many world today attach the Kangal v its job description of wolf-killer.

Its ultimate capability to kill a lion, however, might not be so certain. While over there is no concern that the stubborn and also loyal Kangal would have stood its floor if a lion to be to approach, there is no telling what the outcome would be in that epic battle.

I go ago to vault comments, however, and hold that if there are multiple Kangals, the dogs will win by either driving the lion turn off or at some point killing the intruding cat for its trespass.

Again, the key would it is in to have sufficient dogs so the the lion would certainly not have actually the benefit of focusing its superior size and strength on only one dog.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks—Not for this reason Much

You have actually likely come throughout the viral video clip of the Rhodesian Ridgeback attacking a lion. Perhaps that is where this craze for dogs that deserve to kill lions came from in the very first place—who knows.

Regardless that what you may read virtual or see on YouTube, Rhodesian Ridgebacks CANNOT kill a lion. They have been referred to as African Lion Hounds, but this is not because they death the lion.

Instead, a fill of these tool sized dogs will certainly track and bay a wild lion while the handlers would certainly come up and then finish the lion off.


There is no actual method to determine what dogs might kill a lion. Favor in many of the MMA war or boxing matches, the outcome would certainly vary depending on the condition of every individual animal and the circumstances surrounding the fight.

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Which the the two, for example, has something to yes, really fight for. If the lion is relatively full and also not fighting because that a enjoy the meal to maintain its life, then the dog will have actually an upper hand. Top top the other hand, suffering has actually its motivational powers and also a hungry lion would be lot more daunting to deter.