The two most iconic personalities from the Naruto collection are Naruto Uzumaki and also Sasuke Uchiha. This two characters are destined come do fight from birth in spite of being teammates throughout their early training days and they wind increase fighting numerous times.

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It’s no secret to those who have watched the series that the relationship between Naruto and also Sasuke is the core of what the show’s plot revolves around, and throughout the run of both the original Naruto series and Naruto Shippuden, both acquire stronger and face off through newfound abilities.

Both series reach your climaxes v combat in between these 2 characters, and also while these could be the most popular of their fights, the personalities face off fairly a couple of times throughout each show’s run. Here’s a perform of all the instances where you can see the 2 shinobi carry out battle.

Which episodes do Naruto and Sasuke fight in?


Over the food of the franchise, Naruto and Sasuke have five instances wherein they go into true combat together with a handful of times that smaller altercations have taken place in between them.

Naruto: episode 107 – 109Naruto: illustration 128 – 135Naruto Shippuden: episode 215 – 216Naruto Shippuden: illustration 257 – 260Naruto Shippuden: episode 476 – 478

In the initial Naruto series, you deserve to see these two shinobi clash twice. The first time is ~ above the hospital rooftop during episode 107, a fight that literally big for 2 episodes. This clash influences the remainder of the events in the series and eventually leads come their next fight, which starts in illustration 128, “A Cry on hearing disabled Ears.” This is the iconic battle that takes place at the valley of the End. It’s also the longest battle in the initial Naruto series and runs till episode 135.

The next time the 2 ninjas do fight is throughout Naruto Shippuden illustration 215, i m sorry finishes up in episode 216. We view a recall of the pair doing fight as college student in the Academy during episode 257. The flashbacks continue showing the pair doing fight during the original collection until episode 260.

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Finally, the last battle between castle takes place at the end of Naruto Shippuden beginning in illustration 476 and also goes with episode 478. This struggle closes the end the events of Naruto Shippuden and ties things off in poetic fashion.