Itachi Uchiha is just one of the Naruto fandom’s favorite characters. And there space no doubts regarding why, since he has without a doubt one of the many incredible story in the totality Naruto anime series. When the truth around Itachi to be exposed after ~ his death, many of the anime’s viewers’ perceptions of him shifted dramatically. However, with two different deaths, plenty of fans space confused as to when and also how the died.

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Itachi passed away for the an initial time in illustration 138 ~ the fight with his younger brother and reincarnated Itachi died in episode 339 after break the reincarnation Jutsu.

There are still plenty of different inquiries that space unclear to many fans for this reason if girlfriend are searching for something that would certainly clear things up for you a small bit, store reading since you discovered the best article.

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What episode does Itachi die the an initial time?
What episode does Itachi dice the second time?
What episode does Itachi come back?

What illustration does Itachi die the an initial time? 

Itachi die for the first time in illustration 138, referred to as The End. His very first death came after a fight v his very own brother Sasuke after he uses most of his power to cost-free him from Orochimaru.

As the thunder clouds gather over them, Zetsu realizes that they were generated by Sasuke’s Fire Release: an excellent Dragon Fire method combined with the warm of Itachi’s inextinguishable Amaterasu.

In an effort to murder Itachi, Sasuke makes use of his brand-new Jutsu, Kirin, to exploit the lightning in the skies with his chakra, and also ends up entirely obliterating the Uchiha Hideout.

Itachi was standing up, having survived Kirin’s hit thanks to his Susanoo, a massive chakra protector restricted to those who wield the Mangeky Sharingan in both eyes, and also Sasuke feels he has ultimately triumphed.

As Itachi viewpoints Sasuke, that is currently out of chakra, the suppressed piece of Orochimaru the Sasuke has absorbed begins come take over his body.

Orochimaru’s eight white line burst the end of Sasuke’s cursed seal utilizing the Eight Branches Technique, through Orochimaru self exiting through one of the snake’s mouths, thanking Itachi because that lowering Sasuke’s chakra come the suggest where he can break cost-free and grateful for one more chance come take over Sasuke’s body.

Itachi decapitates seven of the eight snakes with his Susanoo’s sword of Totsuka, which has the volume to seal souls and confine castle forever and also seals Orochimaru away, erasing Sasuke’s cursed seal in the process.

However, this consumes too lot chakra, to reduce Itachi’s Susanoo come its most simple form. Itachi coughs up blood as he slowly approaches Sasuke, who is can not to gain away indigenous him. As Itachi philosophies Sasuke, he speak his last words come him and pokes his forehead before dropping come the ground, dead.

Sasuke reflects on Itachi’s final words and also gazes at his brother’s body before collapsing next to him, exhausted. Return he had much an ext meaningful things to speak the 2nd time that died, the an easy “Sorry Sasuke, this is it” stuck with many fans.

A usual misconception about Itachi’s fatality is that he was killed by his own brother. However, this isn’t true. The two definitely fought and there is no denying that Sasuke want to punish his brother for the fatality of his own clan and also parents, he actually never regulated to perform so.

One point many human being overlook is the reality that Itachi made decision to hit his brother since he was already sick. He keeps this condition from his brother to preventive him and also was taking huge amounts that medication simply to remain alive.

This is why he determined to face his brother due to the fact that this way he would have the ability to defeat him easily. Their fight would also serve together Mangekyo Sharingan training for Sasuke, which make it simpler for that to proceed fighting other opponents.

What illustration does Itachi dice the second time? 

The reincarnated Itachi dies in the same episode he come back, illustration 339. He die after the manages to break totally free of the reincarnation Jutsu.

The 5 Kage hit to host their own versus Madara’s Susanoo-clad timber clones top top the prior lines. In spite of the overwhelming odds, Noki motivates the troops come battle, insisting the they must finish a mission the cannot be failed.

Madara realizes that Noki is the issue and that he must defy his willpower. Through that, the Kage re-enters the fray against Madara’s clones.

The situation quickly deteriorates as soon as Madara unleashes his full can by activating his critical Susanoo and also launching an strike with its knife on them.

Itachi order Kabuto to end the Impure people Reincarnation somewhere in the cave, when Sasuke declares his intentionally to ruin the town that has actually been torturing his brothers for for this reason long, and bids Itachi farewell.

Itachi ideologies Sasuke and uses his Sharingan to teach that everything around the Uchiha Clan Downfall as the lights neighboring the reborn shinobi start to brighten the battlefield together they fade into pillars the light.

After finally revealing the fact to Sasuke, Itachi offers his parting words come his brother, informing him that no matter what wake up or what that does from now on, that would constantly love him.

This time the two have a much more far-reaching moment together they say the final goodby. Itachi admits that he shouldn’t have actually shielded his brothers from whatever that to be going on and also that hadn’t that done the the outcome may have been different.

His parting words, “I’ve always lied to you and also asked friend to pardon me deliberately maintaining you in ~ a street by my very own hand because I didn’t want you to get recorded up in any kind of of this but now ns think that maybe ‘YOU’ might have adjusted mother and father and also the remainder of the Uchiha, if I had only concerned you from the start, looked straight into your eyes and told friend the truth with me, who failed, telling you all this currently from over it’s not going come penetrate and also sink in. But I desire to send at least this much fact to girlfriend you don’t ever before have to pardon me and no issue what you execute from right here on out, recognize this, I will certainly love you always.” do the fans view an entirely brand-new side the Itachi which got him even more fan love than he had actually before.

What episode does Itachi come back? 

Itachi gets revived in illustration 339, dubbed I Will always Love You. ~ his battle with Sasuke, Kabuto used the Reanimation Jutsu to bring him ago during the Fourth an excellent Ninja War.

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Luckily, Itachi had the ability to break cost-free from Kabuto’s influence because of his intuitive prowess and also teamed up through Sasuke come fight Kabuto and also undo the Reanimation Jutsu. Following that, Sasuke made decision to follow in his brother’s footsteps and joined the allied Shinobi Forces, fighting together Naruto.