16. Describe the form of bonding within a water molecule and betweenwater molecules. Give one residential property thatcharacterizes water that is as result of the bonds in between water molecules. Why is this important to life?

The bonds between oxygen and also the hydrogen atoms withinthe water molecule space polar covalent bonds,i.e., the electrons room notshared equally between oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen has a greater affinity forelectrons 보다 does hydrogen. However, the distinction is not great enough because that oxygento completely pull far either hydrogen atom"s electron. Instead, the electron pairsspend an ext time approximately the cell core of the oxygen atom than the hydrogen atoms.Because the the method these polar covalent bonds type between oxygen and also hydrogen, there i am one "oxygen" end in the molecule and a "hydrogen" end (check the end thediagram on web page 27 of your text). The oxygen end, whereby the electrons spend much more oftheir time, has a partial an adverse charge. The hydrogen finish of the molecule, whichdoesn"t have actually as much access to these electrons, has actually a partial confident charge. Thus, the water molecule exhibits polarity (a hopeful end and also a negativeend). Because the molecule exhibits polarity, water molecules are attracted to eachother (opposite fees attract). This weak attraction between molecules or partsof big molecules early out to locations of charge on the molecule results in bonds called hydrogen bonds. Look in ~ the diagram on page2-13 in your research guide. This diagram reflects the polarity of the water molecule aswell as the hydrogen bond between two water molecules.

The polarity that the water molecule is far-reaching for life because cells space primarilywater! The truth that water has actually a high specific heat (a reflectionof hydrogen bonds in between water molecules) method that organisms are resistant come changesin temperature. Why would certainly this it is in important? an additional important characteristics ofwater, again a enjoy of the polarity of the water molecule, is its capacity to act asa solvent. Hydrophilic building materials dissolve conveniently inwater. Read around water in your message on pages 26 and also 27.

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Deserve to you explainwhy salt and sugar dissolve in water and fats carry out not dissolve? once we research thecell membrane in the next unit, we"ll come back to this point.

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