Avatar: What taken place To Zuko's mother In The last Airbender Zuko"s mommy was banished indigenous the Fire country in Avatar: The last Airbender, but the comics revealed what occurred to her next.

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Avatar The critical Airbender Zuko and also Ursa
Avatar: The last Airbender"s Prince Zuko shed his mother when he to be still a child, yet the tie-in comics call the complete story of exactly why she disappeared - and what happened to her afterwards. The exiled boy of Fire lord Ozai, Zuko spends lot of Avatar: The last Airbender acting together an antagonist towards Aang and also his friends, due to the fact that capturing the Avatar is the only means that Zuko will ever be enabled to go back to the Fire Nation. Over time, however, the redeems himself and ultimately end up fighting alongside Aang to defeat his father.

Zuko"s mother is dubbed Ursa, and she is the nephew of Ruko, the Fire nation Avatar who came before Aang. In The last Airbender it"s just revealed the she do some kind of bargain for Zuko"s life as soon as his father was planning to death him, and that afterwards she was sent away from the Fire Nation. However, there is a collection of sequel comics written by Gene Luen Yang v The critical Airbender showrunners Bryan Konietzko and also Michael Dante DiMartino, which are collection in the work after Aang defeats Fire lord Ozai.

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One of the Last Airbender comics" story arcs, The Search, details Zuko"s search to find out what occurred to his mother - and also perhaps also be reunited with her. Here"s the truth about what happened to Ursa, why she to be banished, and where she finished up.

Why Zuko"s mother Was Banished

Avatar The last Airbender Ursa Ozai
Zuko"s grandfather, Fire mr Azulon, heard a prophecy that mixing his very own bloodline with that of Avatar Ruko would produce descendants with an excellent power, securing his family"s location on the throne long after he was gone. He controlled to track under Ursa and forced she to get married Zuko"s father, Ozai, even though she was currently betrothed to who else: a man called Ikem.

Azulon"s actions would certainly prove to be his undoing. As soon as Iroh"s son passed away in the war, Ozai upset his father by questioning him to pass Iroh"s throne birthright come him instead. Together punishment, Azulon want Ozai to feeling the pain that Iroh had actually felt of shedding his firstborn son, and also ordered Ozai to kill Zuko. Upon learning this plot, Ursa made a resolve Ozai: she would use her herbal an abilities to concoct a colorless and odorless toxicity so that Azulon can be killed and Ozai could take his place as Fire Lord. Ozai i agree on one condition: that after Azulon to be dead, Ursa would certainly leave the Fire country and never return, so that she might never usage the exact same poison on him. A upper heart Ursa was forced to leaving her kids behind.

Avatar The critical Airbender Ursa Forgets
after ~ fleeing the Fire country Palace, Ursa went back to the village where she was born. There, she met a man dubbed Noren - that was in reality Ikem, having actually asked a spirit referred to as the mommy of deals with to readjust his appearance therefore he could escape Ozai"s wrath. Ursa decided she would make a similar deal, however when the mommy of faces felt the pains in Ursa"s love she offered something extra: not just a new face, but a brand-new mind, where all her memories of her life as Ozai"s wife would certainly be erased. Ursa made the difficult selection to forget she children along with the rest of her previous life and also was gifted a new face and also a brand-new name: Noriko. She and also Noren lived in peace together for numerous years and had a daughter dubbed Kiyi - Zuko and Azula"s half-sister.

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Zuko Is reunited With His Mother

Avatar The last Airbender Zuko v Ursa
Zuko first meets Noren and Noriko in The Search without realizing the they room actually Ikem and Ursa. After discovering the fact from the mother of Faces, he return to the village and reveals come Ursa that he is she son. Ursa choose to have actually her face and also memories revived and she and Zuko are lastly properly reunited. Azula, unfortunately, doesn"t feel rather so warmly in the direction of her mother. Having actually been propelled mad in ~ the finish of Avatar: The last Airbender, she believes the Ursa has actually been secretly plotting her downfall all her life and is responsible because that everything negative that"s ever before happened come her. Zuko manages to protect against Azula from death Ursa, and watches helplessly as his sister operation away. The Search ends v Ursa promising to phone call Zuko everything around her life, beginning from the really beginning.

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Later in the comics, Ursa return to the Fire nation Palace for the very first time since she was banished and also finally confronts Ozai again - currently powerless and also locked increase in the dungeons. He proceeds come threaten to damage everyone she loves, however Ursa look at him because that what he yes, really is: "a small, little man." She to walk away, no much longer afraid the her previous husband, skip him as he impotently orders her to grovel for him.