There are numerous exams the you need to take in high school. Some of them are referred to as standardization tests.

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Put simply, standardization tests involve students from various parts that the nation answering the same set of questions, after i beg your pardon they are scored in a continuous or typical manner.

This allows for the compare of the power of the separation, personal, instance students. Among the standardized tests the a high school student favor you needs to take is the AP exam.

You might feel pressured come do whatever that you can to happen it since you to be told the it is something the may approve you higher placement and college credit.

Especially if it’s her dream to earn a college degree, happen the AP exam may mean the human being to a high school student like you.

But what happens if girlfriend fail an AP exam? Basically, nothing wake up if girlfriend fail one AP exam. Even if it is you gain a passing or failing AP exam grade, you have the right to still walk to college. Colleges do not take it a look at the AP exam together the just a criterion because that accepting or rejecting a student.

Just since failing your AP exam will certainly still gain you to university doesn’t median that you should not do your finest to gain a passing score. Acquisition an AP food in high college consumes time.

Also, acquisition an AP exam consumes money. This is why you need to make the many out of your time and money by preparing for her AP exam very well to pass it.

Besides, gaining a passing grade can offer you the possibility to earn your college level faster than usual. This is among the countless perks the come with taking an AP course in high school and passing an AP exam.

There space a few other necessary matters that you have to know around passing your AP exam. So store on reading this short article if you are about to take the check anytime soon.

Also, feel cost-free to re-publishing this article on social media, specifically if you have actually classmates who are worried the they may not get to university if they fail their AP exam.

Getting to know an AP Course and also an AP Exam

Before we discuss further the reality that failing your AP test won’t hurt your chance of acquiring admitted to college, allow us very first talk about why it’s a an excellent idea to take an AP course and pass the AP exam later on on.

Advanced location is what AP stands for. As with what the surname suggests, it’s all about giving a high school student favor you the possibility to be granted placement and course credit transaction in college.

You deserve to think of one AP course as a university course that a student may take even if he or she is still in high school. This can be really advantageous because that you, and also it’s because of a pair of reasons.

First, it allows you have an idea of what it’s like to it is in a college student.

Second, it renders it possible for you to end up college faster. That’s due to the fact that it can earn you university credit, which method that over there is no require for friend to take it the very same course again when you’re already a college student.

However, to earn the college credit for acquisition an AP course, it’s crucial that friend pass your AP exam. The said exam is score from 1 to 5. Examine out this table to recognize what every score means:

AP test ScoreRecommendation
5Extremely fine qualified
4Very well qualified
2Possibly qualified
1No recommendation

Take keep in mind that words “qualified” does not pertain to gift qualified because that college admission. If her score is 5, it way that you are very well qualified come be inserted at an progressed class or success a university credit.

It’s also important because that you to note that different colleges have different standards when placing a student at a higher level or providing them university credit.

For instance, well-known colleges may require an AP test score of 5, when others might require a minimum that 3.

If you think the an AP test is constantly a composed exam, think again. There room AP process that execute not end with a written AP exam.

For instance, a high school student that takes art and design will certainly be compelled to come up with a portfolio, which will be graded. The grading mechanism used is the same as the one in the table above.


Failing an test Doesn’t mean It’s the finish of the World

Earlier, we currently mentioned the fact that colleges carry out not really take a look at an applicant’s AP test score.

Actually, lock cannot take it a look at it because a student’s score indigenous his or she AP exam will be contained in the transcript or another similar record, which will be sent out to the college whereby a student is admitted.

This is why a college join officer won’t have the ability to know what her AP test score is unless after you space admitted.

The reason why the college of your selection should have actually a glimpse of her AP test score is to recognize whether or no you space qualified come be inserted at a higher level class or offered college credit.

Either way, her AP score won’t have any kind of bearing on your admission. During the join interview, however, it’s a great idea to talk about your AP course and how you passed the AP exam to display that you will make for great college student.

Just in situation you room unhappy that you have a failing score on your AP exam, issue not. That’s because you may still take it an AP test in the complying with year.

As a issue of fact, you may keep on taking it until you acquire a pass score. All of your scores will be recorded, although it is possible to request to have actually some the the earlier scores to it is in erased.

The just downsides to acquisition the AP exam much more than as soon as is that it spend not just your time but also money.

Here’s a fact: you may not take it an AP course in high school, which way that you carry out not need to take one AP exam later on on.

There are high college students who skip taking AP courses and also AP exams, consisting of most specifically those who do not intend to go to college after high school, or those who can end up v a short GPA due to the fact that of it.

Similarly, you may select to take an AP food in high school but decide no to take it the AP test afterward.

But if you can, it’s recommended that you take it an AP course and also pass your AP exam.

Especially if it’s your dream come graduate indigenous a renowned college, having actually an impressive AP exam score have the right to work to your advantage as a college student in it. But then again, the won’t affect your eligibility because that being admitted to that college.

There is a caveat, however. Getting a C top top the AP exam is a tiny different 보다 failing. Read an ext about this object in my other post.

Just prior to You take a look at at her AP exam Score

Whether friend pass her AP exam or not, gaining to university is still really much a possibility.

If you want to be put in an advanced class or get college credit transaction to earn your degree faster 보다 everyone else, climate it’s absolutely a good idea because that you to take it an AP course and pass her AP exam.

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Should ns be happy through an AP exam score the 2?

If you desire to earn college credit, having a score of 2 might be disadvantageous as no a many colleges space willing to give college credit to students with an AP exam score listed below 3.

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What are the hardest AP exams to pass?

The hardest AP exams come pass room those that are for an overwhelming AP courses, and also some usual examples include English Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics C, Calculus BC, and US History.