I have An Eye however Cannot see Riddle: I have actually An Eye but Cannot view Riddle is right now trending on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and also WhatsApp groups. Examine out I have An Eye but Cannot check out Riddle, that is answer, and the explanation because that the same. Try to solve the riddle that tests your thinking skill. You deserve to also challenge your friends and also family v I have actually An Eye but Cannot see Riddle. Discover out the riddle and also explanation the the riddle in the article.

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Solving Riddle is Fun!

Puzzles, riddles, and challenges have come to be viral in no time as civilization have to be seeking different and also fun ways to affix during the lockdown. Together mind-challenging riddles are making rounds on WhatsApp groups and also Social Media. During lockdown and also self-quarantine, civilization are finding methods to happen their time. A many of world are safety time on their hobbies favor reading, cooking, playing indoor games, etc.

Solving riddles, puzzles, and mind teasers online is one of the many things the the world have figured out to spend their time with some productivity. These riddles assist one develop an important and analysis skills, and sometimes lock are likewise fun to solve. Amidst the lockdown, much more and much more puzzles space being shared and one of castle is I have actually An Eye but Cannot see Riddle that has actually been doing the rounds on social media.

Check out I have An Eye but Cannot watch Riddle

Take a look at the Riddle. The riddle goes together follows:

"I have an eye yet cannot see.

I’m quicker than any man alive and also have no limbs.

What to be I?”

Check the answer come the Riddle!

The exactly answer to the Riddle is “A tornado or a hurricane.”


The appropriate answer come the riddle is atornado or a hurricane. The patience area in the center of a tornado or a hurricane is called the eye. Also, the speed of the wind can reach up to 300 mph in an extreme tornado. No tornado no one hurricane has any arms or legs, yet that doesn’t prevent them from moving,A tornado has an eye but cannot see. That is much faster than any man alive and has no limbs.

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I have actually An Eye however Cannot check out Riddle - FAQs

1. What happens as soon as the mind is challenged with riddles or learning a new skill?

A study states that an overwhelming human brains, for example, by learning a new skill, will bring about actual changes in the adult brain. The an obstacle may create brand-new connections between mind cells by an altering the balance of obtainable neurotransmitters and changing how relationships are made.

2. What has a ring yet no finger?

A call or alarm. As per the puzzle, the telephone has a ring yet no finger. Ring mentioned in the answer is the call calls.

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3. Friend walk right into a room that consists of a match, a kerosene lamp, a candle, and also a fireplace. What would certainly you irradiate first?

The answer come the riddle is you would certainly light "the match" first. Prior to lighting increase anything prefer a kerosene lamp, a candle, and a fireplace, one v light up the match.

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