Fraction questions have the right to chrischona2015.orgnfuse a lot of students when phrased in this way, a good place chrischona2015.orgme start thus is chrischona2015.orgme think that the number 9 as the fraction 9/1.

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Now we rechrischona2015.orggnize the dominance that as soon as you have actually a portion you have to do the very same to the molecule (the number on the top) as you do to the demoninator (bottom).

We rechrischona2015.orggnize we desire the denominator to be 3 together that is declared in the question, for this reason to acquire from 1 to 3 we times through 3, for this reason by act the same to the top, we obtain (9 x 3)/3, i m sorry is 27/3, therefore there space 27 thirds in 9.

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