Hi, welcome to this video on convert percentages come decimals and also fractions! In this video, we’ll display you part easy and not-so-easy techniques for convert percentages.

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We usage decimals in every part of our lives. You check out decimals when managing money, measure distance, measuring just how much other weighs. There are decimals, literally, anywhere you look. But prior to we look in ~ conversions, let’s carry out a quick recap top top percentages.

A percent is any kind of number the is a part of 100. The word percent literally method “per one hundred.”

For instance, 25% is 25 the 100, and also 64% is 64 that 100. However how do you convert the percentage right into a decimal? Well, there are actually two methods you deserve to do it.

The first way is by using math.

We’ve currently established that percent means “per one hundred.” making use of 25, 25% is really just 25 every 100. If you divide 25 through 100, you gain 0.25, i beg your pardon is a decimal.

But yes a lot easier way to transform to a decimal, and also it’s other I favor to contact the math two-step. Simply move the decimal in your portion 2 places to the left.

Let’s usage 25% together our example. 25 has two digits, the 2 and the 5.

Our decimal is ~ the 5. Relocating the decimal two areas to the left offers us 0.25. As always, psychic to remove the percent sign as soon as you’re done.

Simple, right? but what if your percent number is end 100%? perhaps you have actually 125%. Well, the exact same applies. Relocate the decimal point two locations to the left. Girlfriend would relocate past the 5 (the very first point) and past the 2 (the second point) and end v 1.25.

Now that we’ve acquired that down, stop look at convert percentages right into fractions.

This conversion has actually a few more steps.

When you convert a percentage to a fraction, you very first convert your percentage to a decimal, then divide that number by 1. Let’s stay with 25. 25% becomes 0.25. Now we divide that by 1.


Next, for every number after ~ the decimal point, main point by 10. Due to the fact that there space two number after the decimal in our example, we multiply 10 twice. If there were 4 numbers after the decimal, we would multiply 10 4 times. The multiplication element is essential to remember. You’re not “adding” 10 after every decimal point. You’re multiplying. In this case, you’ll multiply 10 times 10, which equals 100. So you’ll multiply the height number and the bottom number by 100.

(frac0.251 imes frac100100=frac25100)

Now, you need to simplify the fraction. You perform that by finding the highest number the divides the top and also bottom number equally. In this case, the answer is 25.

25 is the highest number the equally divides both 25 and also 100. Here’s how the equation looks.

(frac25100div frac2525=frac14)

And over there you have it! The prize is (frac14).

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That’s ours look at convert percentages to decimals and also fractions, v a tiny simplification thrown in. By adhering to this lesson, friend should have actually a for sure base because that these calculations, i m sorry prove beneficial in many areas of our lives.