A team of hens is referred to as a brood. You may have also heard a group of hens being referred to as a flock. It’s fine to use this cumulative noun too, but a flock can mean a team of both male and also female chickens.

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The word brood implies a group of hens (female chickens) specifically, so this is the correct term.

Here are some of the various other terms supplied to define hens you may have actually heard and also what they mean:

Chick – When Does a Chick Become a Hen?

When researching once a chick officially becomes a mature chicken I came throughout all kinds of answers.

I constantly thought a chick shed its classification as being a chick when they shed their baby coat of down and began flourishing correct feathers. This seems to be what a lot of people agree through, so that’s the determicountry I’m going via.

A chick is a baby chicken, both male and female. Once they develop feathers they come to be a pullet.

What Is a Pullet Hen?

The term pullet describes a young hen, commonly much less than a year of age.

They are older than chicks, so they have melted their baby down and are thriving feathers. Importantly, to be classified as a pullet they have to not be laying eggs yet.

This indicates pulallows are commonly young hens around 18 weeks of age. Chickens regularly start laying approximately the 18-20 week age, at this suggest they transactivity to point-of-lay hens, and lastly mature chickens.

It’s not uncommon for backyard chicken keepers to delay the sex-related maturity of a pullet to push earlier the delivery of their initially egg.

They perform this so that the pullet can thrive bigger and produce bigger eggs. It’s normal to wait till a pullet is at leastern 3 lbs in weight before developing eggs.

They perform this ssuggest by managing the amount of light a pullet is exposed to in a day. If you disclose a pullet to 13 hrs of light a day, this is going to create sexual maturity and also they’ll start laying eggs shortly after.


Point of Lay Hen

The term allude of lay (POL) is among the vaguest terms for a female chicken. It’s supplied to define a pullet that is approaching the age once they will begin laying eggs.

Hence the name – allude of lay. This suggests at the allude of laying eggs.

It’s tough to pinallude exactly when a hen is a suggest of lay chicken though. The breed, eco-friendly conditions, and some other factors affect exactly how long a chicken will certainly be a point of lay.

Chickens have the right to start laying almost everywhere in between 18-22 weeks of age. So, you can buy a point of lay chicken that’s 18-20 weeks of age, just to wait almost everywhere between days and weeks to uncover that first egg.

Brooder / Broody Hen

A broody hen, as the name says, is a hen that is looking after her eggs. This commonly implies they will be sitting on their eggs and protecting them day and night.

The exciting point about broody hens is that they don’t recognize if their eggs are fertilized or not. They tend to be a little bit moody as well when they’re in a broody mood, so beware.

List of Hen-Related Terminology

A team of hens is referred to as a brood.

A mature female chicken is called a hen.

An immature female chicken is called a pullet.

A hen as a result of begin laying shortly is a point-of-lay.

A broody hen is called a brooder.

A group of chickens is referred to as a flock.

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In Synopsis – What Do You Call a Group of Hens? – A Brood

Tbelow you have actually it, the main name for a group of hens is a brood.

It’s great for our brains to learn somepoint brand-new eextremely day, maybe now this is what you learned.