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Cat TermDefinition
BengalThe Bengal cat has an ancestor native the eastern Leopard family and looks favor it"s come directly out that the jungle yet in actual fact it’s a very friendly, affectionate and also intelligent residential cat. Bengal cats are additionally very solid and agile and are a popular selection for countless cat owners that desire a much more active and also playful cat.

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British ShorthairThe british shorthair is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world and remains the most renowned pedigreed each other in the UK. These cat usually form a near bond with their owners and also remain well-mannered whilst gift cared for. They have actually a distinctive plump body, special fur and usually have a "British Blue" colour variant v orange eyes.
CastrationThis is neutering for male cat only. Neutered male cat are less likely come roam and also it is as such safer for them.
Cat collarCat"s frequently wear collars about their neck. The cat collar is helpful to affix a name tag or a Tabcat tag.
Cat FinderA cat finder is another method of explicate a cat tracker.
Cat foodCats room carnivores and therefore need meat based diets and animal-protein. As well consuming the best cat food, your water bowls should also be topped up and cleaned out every day.
Cat GPSWhen someone describes cat general practitioners they are frequently referring come a cat tracker there is no knowing precisely how the tracker works. Cat general practitioners is simply one kind of infection - Bluetooth and also Radio Frequency are others.
Cat GroomingCat organize is important to ensure her cat is looking and also feeling great. That can also have positive results on the owner too.
Cat Loc8torA cat locator or loc8tor is again another way of illustrating a cat tracker in stimulate to monitor the whereabouts that a cat. Loc8tor is the firm which brings you Tabcat.
Cat napA cat nap means taking a short nap during the day. The phrases originates indigenous the truth that cats have tendency to sleep for 12-16 hours a day and often these are very little stints the sleep.
Cat ToyPlaytime is a very important component of the day because that a cat and providing a range of an ideal cat toys is recommended.
Cat TrackerA cat tracker is a maker used to monitor the ar of a cat. This can be via radio frequency, general practitioners or Bluetooth technology.
Cats defense CharityCat"s protection is the UK"s number 1 cat charity and also has been to run for end 90 years.
CatteryA cattery is wherein cats space housed. This deserve to either it is in in a reproduction cattery wherein they space bred or it have the right to be in a boarding cattery wherein they remain temporarily whilst your owners room not able to look ~ them.
ClowderA team of cats is dubbed a clowder and is 3 cats room more. A team of cats have the right to sometimes be described as a clutter, a glaring or a pounce. Kittens are most frequently refered to together
DamThe female parental / mother of a cat is referred to as a dam.
Domestic catA domestic cat is essentially a residence cat and one the is cared for by its owner. There room over 70 cat breeds and also 8 million cats in the UK.
Domestic ShorthairThis is a cat of blended ancestry and does not belong to any kind of cat breed. In the UK castle are regularly referred to as moggies. The domestic shorthair is the most renowned cat in the world.
FelidA felid is a wild cat the the cat family.
FelineA feline is a cat or a member of the cat family.
Feral catFeral cats are essentially wild cats - cat that were when looked after and also then went astray. Usually these species of cats do not want human being interaction yet with the right care they may heat to a tiny help.
GPSGPS stands for global Positioning System and also put just it uses triangulation v 3 or more GPS satellites to work out where you are and also how much away you are from your intended target. It is a good tool because that a auto driver to connect it to their dashboard yet is too hefty for cats.
International cat dayInternational cat job is one day in the year that recognises among the oldest and most loved pets in the world. In the UK it occurs on 8th August every year.
Juvenile catA youth cat usually refers to a kitten.
LitterA team of 3 or an ext kittens room most typically referred to as a litter. Lock can likewise be dubbed a kindle or one intrigue.
Loc8torAn alternate tracking device to the Tabcat. It uses the very same technology, tags and batteries however comes without silicone instances as these are only necessary for cats. Loc8tor is the company which bring you Tabcat.
Maine CoonThe Maine coon cat is a tamed breed of cat and also is frequently known as the "gentle giant" that cats. They frequently weigh between 13 to 16 pounds and one Maine Coon stop the record as the longest cat in ~ 1.23m / 48.5 inches.
MicrochippingMicrochipping a cat way that as soon as they gain lost they deserve to be rejoined with your owner. The chip is about the dimension of a grain of rice, is placed between the cat shoulder blades and the organization costs around £30. Microchipping should not be supplied as an alternative to a cat tracker together cats deserve to go missing for a long duration of time which causes increased anxiety for both the cat and also the cat owner.
MoggieA moggy (singular) or moggie (plural) is a cat the doesn"t belong to any specific cat breed. This is opposing of a Pedigree cat. Moggies come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and also because lock are created from different gene pools, will have varying temperaments and also behavioural types.
MongrelA mongrel is a dog the does not belong to any dog breed. Return of mixed-breed, it is not to be confused with cats.
National cat awardsThe national Cat Awards is an occasion that takes ar once a year via Cats security to recognise cat that do a difference in the UK.
NeuteringThe ax neutering essentially method surgically avoiding your cat from reproducing. Because that males that is referred to as castration and also for females it is called spaying. Cats become sexually active at around 5 month so neutering is recommended at 4 months.
PedigreePedigree cat are taken into consideration to be one-of-a-kind cats together they have been bred in a particular way and come indigenous the same breed. They are the the contrary of moggies. Lock are often people-friendly and healthy cats. The fence is lock can price a lot of money come maintain.
PersianThe Persian cat is among those cat that is instantly distinguishable - v a round face, quick nose and long-hair. These cats are very affectionate and well-behaved however require a many maintenance and are expensive come keep.
Pet InsuranceThere are plenty of ways to safeguard you cat and if microchipping and also using a cat tracker is no enough, there space cat insurance options that will aid you with treatment should your cat obtain sick
Pet TrackerA pet tracker is a maker used to track any kinds of pet one might have. Pets trackers come in all different shapes and also sizes but work with the same technology as a cat tracker.
Queen catA queen cat usually refers to a female cat. As soon as a mom it is recognized as a dam.
Radio FrequencyRadio Frequency (RF) is one alternative an innovation to GPS and also is a frequency supplied in telecommunications. The Tabcat tag uses radio frequency to know which correctly locates her cat"s location to within 2.5cm, also through walls. The Tabcat modern technology is lot lighter than general practitioners devices and also is thus perfect for cat owners.
RagdollThe Ragdoll is a breed of cat that is very huge and has actually a colourpoint cloak i.e. Pale body v darker ears, eyes and feet and tail. Ragdolls have actually some dog-like features and also need come be fine cared for.
Rescue CentreRescue Centres home unwanted cats and do every little thing they have the right to to uncover a perfect long-term house with love cat owners.
Show catWhen a cat will the top of its breed, it deserve to be judged as a present cat.
Siamese catThe Siamese cat is one of the most recognisable cat in the world. Initially from Thailand (formally Siam) the affectionate cat has actually a triangular shaped head and also bright blue eyes and also requires continuous human interaction.
SpayingThis is the same as neutering but for female cat only. Cats have the right to have as much as 20 kittens every year so it is recommended they are neutered to prevent cats being without a home.
Stray catA stray cat or feral cat is usually a cat the does not want human interaction. In some instances stray cat may have actually wondered off and also gotten lost and then need to be reconnected through their owners
TabbyA tabby cat is a domestic cat that has actually a striped pattern on its coat. The most usual of these fads is blotched, whilst other variants incorporate mackeral, classic, marbled, spotted and ticked.
TabcatThis is the cat tracking an equipment ideal for helping you uncover your missing cat or kitten. Tabcat provides award-winning radio frequency an innovation and can assist owners locate their cat to in ~ 2.5cm at a range of up to 120 metres.
TomcatA tomcat usually refers to a masculine cat. As soon as a dad it is well-known as sire. Tom cat can additionally be in recommendation to Tom and Jerry - the long-serving british cartoon.
Tracking DeviceA tracking maker helps you situate something necessary to you. This could be something from her car, keys, wallet, phone and your cat.
VaccinationCats will certainly inevitably choose up viruses so that is crucial they have their cat vaccinations. It is encourage a cat is vaccinated every year.

PS. Just in situation you were wondering, below are some of the basics

Cat TermDefinition
CatA cat is a tiny animal the is regularly kept together a pet and also is one of the most famous pets in the world, 2nd only to fish. For every the latest news, gossip and facts around cats across the world visit our Tabcat blog.
KittenA baby cat is referred to as a kitten. Kittens generally turn right into cats somewhere in between 6 months and also 1 year.

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Indoor catIndoor cats space cats the live in the house only. Whilst they have to only ever before have accessibility to details rooms there have to be enough interaction to save them fit and also keep them comfortable.
Outdoor catOutdoor cats space cats that are offered the flexibility to roam external the house. Cats tend not to stray as well far yet like come explore, so advantage from a tracker to save them quickly locatable.

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