Secondary power Sources – power Carriers

Secondary energy sources, also called energy carriers, are obtained from the revolution of primary power sources. They are dubbed energy carriers, because they move energy in a useable form from one ar to another. The well-known power carriers are:ElectricityPetrolHydrogenElectricity and hydrogen made from primary power sources such as coal, natural gas, atom energy, petroleum, and also renewable energy sources. Electrical energy is an especially useful due to the fact that it has actually low entropy (is extremely ordered) and can be converted into other creates of energy very efficiently. Simply, we cannot say that hydrogen have actually potential to counter fossil fuels.Secondary power sources room used, because its using is much easier than making use of a primary power source. Because that example, using electrical energy for lighting is safer than using petroleum in candles or kerosene lamps.On the various other hand any conversion of primary energy to energy carrier is connected with some inefficiency. As such when dealing with secondary energy source, we have actually to always consider the way, exactly how the carrier to be made.

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