If you have actually spent any time talking to Spaniards in Spain, at some allude someone has probably dubbed you tío or tía (masculine and also feminine versions of the exact same word), or talked about someone else making use of this slang term, or the word’s plural tíos .

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If you were like me when I very first moved come Spain, and also spoke tiny Spanish, girlfriend may have actually been too shy to ask what the meant.

Thankfully, it is not just easy to translate into English, but the Spanish native tío or tía is just another of those cute slang terms civilization in Spain regularly use to refer to others.

“Hey tío/tía, just how are you?”

The literal meaning translation the the word right into English would certainly be ‘uncle’ for tío and ‘aunt’ for tía. In many situations in Spain, however, the is not how the native is used.

That is because, in modern day Spain, the word has been embraced as a slang term. That term is normally either a means of introduce to simply a generic human — “Who is your cousin dating?” “I don’t know. Part tío she met in ~ work” (some dude/guy she met at work) — or the is supplied as a term of endearment native one girlfriend to another.

Hey tía, how are you? i haven’t watched you because that a while“.

Tío or tía is nothing an ext than a cute slang term¿Qué pasa tíos?

You will likewise hear the plural variation of tío and also tía — tíos — used all the moment in Spain.

Tíos is offered in the same method a native English speaker would certainly use words ‘guys‘. “How’s it going, guys” in Spanish is ¿Qué pasa tíos?

So, the following time someone refers to you through the term tía or tío, or consists of you in their ¿Qué pasa tíos?, just smile and also reply. Safe in the knowledge you are currently classified together being as much of a regional as the remainder of them.

Now watch the handy video clip from discover Spanish free below to discover out exactly how to express tío, tía and tíos in Spanish.

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And, if you save hearing another slang hatchet — guapa/guapo — and don’t understand what they typical either — here’s one more quick Spanish lesson that may just help.

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