(initial funding letter) the nationwide legislative body of the U.S., consist of of the Senate, or upper house, and the home of Representatives, or lower house, together a continuous institution. This body as it exists because that a duration of 2 years throughout which it has the same membership: the Ninety-Seventh Congress. A session of this body: to speak in Congress.

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a formal meeting or assembly that representatives for the discussion, arrangement, or promo of some issue of typical interest.
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First taped in 1350–1400 for previously sense “body of attendants, following”; center English, native Latin congressus “assembly, intercourse, meeting,” tantamount to congred(ī) “to approach, meet” (con- “with, together” + -gredī, combining form of gradī “to step”) + -tus suffix of verbal action; check out con-; cf. Grade
congregation, congregational, Congregational Church, congregationalism, Congregationalists, congress, conference boot, congressional, conference district, conference Medal the Honor, conference Record

Congress is the commonwealth legislative human body of the joined States, which is responsible for passing federal, or nationwide, laws.

In the joined States, Congress is the legislature branch that the commonwealth government. Only it have the right to create and pass commonwealth laws.

Congress is divided into 2 houses: the Senate and the house of Representatives. The Senate is frequently referred to as the “upper house” and consists the 100 members (called senators), 2 from every of the 50 states. The home of to represent (often shortened to “the House”) has 435 voting members, recognized as representatives. The size of a state’s populace determines how plenty of representatives the state gets. All members of Congress are chosen by the citizens of the state castle represent.

Congress has many powers, such as to introduce brand-new taxes, come admit brand-new states to the joined States, and to explain war. Most of Congress’s occupational is creating and passing federal laws.

Because all us federal laws are created by it, Congress plays a huge duty in Americans’ lives, even if most Americans nothing pay close fist to Congress’s day-to-day activities.

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Congress was developed by the us Constitution, the record that serves as the an essential law the the country. Written in 1787 and accepted in 1788, the constitution specifically provides the native Congress in write-up I, ar 1, stating “All legislative strength herein granted shall it is in vested in a congress of the united States, i m sorry shall consist of a Senate and House the Representatives.”

The Constitution also specifically states which powers and also responsibilities Congress would have. Due to the restricted time Congress needs to do its work, both homes have many smaller committees that invest time creating and debating bills before introducing them to the larger house. Regardless of this, Congress still frequently takes a long time come agree ~ above the last version of a bill.