1 : a statement the tells you how something or who looks, sounds, etc. : words that define something or who Reporters referred to as the scene "a disaster area," and I think the was specific description. I applied for the position after reading the task description. See an ext ExamplesWe are in search of someone with experience and a feeling of humor. Execute you understand anyone that fits/matches that description? <=anyone who has actually those qualities> a writer v a gift of/for description The landscape is beautiful beyond description. <=is very beautiful>Hide

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1a : an action of relenten specifically : discourse intended to provide a mental picture of something knowledgeable beautiful past description gave precise description that what he observed
b : a statement or account offering the features of who or something : a descriptive explain or account The testimonial was little an ext than a description of the film"s plot.
2 : kind or character particularly as identified by salient (see important entry 1 feeling 3b) features someone fitting the suspect"s description had playthings of every description opposed to any tax of therefore radical a summary

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type, kind, sort, nature, description, character median a variety of individuals assumed of together a group due to the fact that of a usual quality or qualities. Type may suggest solid and plainly marked similarity throughout the items consisted of so the each is usual of the group. among three simple body types kind might suggest herbal grouping. a zoo look at having animals of every kind type often says some disparagement. the sort the newspaper dealing in sensational stories nature may indicate inherent, essential resemblance quite than noticeable or superficial likenesses. two problems of a similar nature summary implies a group significant by commitment in all details belonging come a type as described or defined. not all acts of that description room actually illegal character suggests a group significant by distinctive likenesses peculiar to the type. research study on the subject so far has to be of an elementary character

Reporters called the scene “a disaster area,” and also I think the was precise description. I applied for the position after analysis the task description. a writer with a gift the description
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Recent examples on the web The account detailed by the spokesman matches the description on the citation and the accounts given separately by Kawasaki and Revak. — James Brooks, Anchorage daily News, 19 Oct. 2021 Strout’s plain layout voids the soap-operatic potential of this description. — Hillary Kelly, Los Angeles Times, 19 Oct. 2021 however police said proof at the scene did not match the man’s description of what happened. — Scott D. Pierce, The Salt Lake Tribune, 18 Oct. 2021 While every one of this is understandable, withholding too lot information can both deter talent and likewise attract the not correct talent as result of the faint of the role description and the duties required. — Paul Westall, Forbes, 18 Oct. 2021 Police canvassed the area and found four human being standing about a Jeep SUV the matched the victim’s description behind the James P. Timilty center School, according to the statement. — BostonGlobe.com, 18 Oct. 2021 The report did not provide a suspect or automobile description. — Fox News, 17 Oct. 2021 Schubert repurposed motivic and also harmonic material from his track in the quartet’s sublime second movement, and also listeners have often drawn parallels between the quartet and the initial song’s description of fatality as a soothing embrace. — Jonathan Nussman, San Diego Union-Tribune, 17 Oct. 2021 In an interview through WRC-TV earlier this week, his mother disputed the description police gave of the weapons and said no fire had actually been set inside the home. — Washington Post, 16 Oct. 2021

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center English descripcioun, indigenous Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French, from Latin description-, descriptio, indigenous describere — see define