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San Francisco is most famed for its iconic landmarks such as the golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and also Lombard Street. However, wherein is mountain Francisco located?

San Francisco is situated in northern California.

It belongs come the United states of America.

San Francisco’s exact location is 37.77 latitude and also -122.42 longitude. The city lies 28 meters over sea level.

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Distance come other significant Canadian and also American cities

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San Diego to mountain Francisco – 458 miles or 738 kilometers

San Jose to san Francisco – 42 mile or 68 kilometers

Los Angeles to san Francisco – 382 mile or 560 kilometers

Seattle to mountain Francisco – 807 mile or 1,298 kilometers

San Francisco to las Vegas – 416 mile or 670 kilometers

Where is mountain Francisco situated on the map?

Fun Facts about San Francisco

Yerba Buena to be the very first name given to mountain Francisco. In Spanish, it means “good herb.”San Francisco is where denim jeans were born. Levi Strauss made clothes for Gold rush miners which need to be both comfortable and also durable.They speak the populace of dogs in san Francisco is higher than the of your children.The creation of the happiness cookie was done in san Francisco by a Japanese resident in the city. His name is Makoto Hagiwara.A the majority of well-celebrated individuals were born and/or raised in san Francisco. Amongst them space Robert Frost, Bruce Lee and Clint Eastwood.The cable cars of san Francisco are the only National historical Landmark in the nation that moves.The bendy straw was designed in mountain Francisco after ~ Joseph B. Friedman’s daughter obtained so irritable by drinking out of a straight straw.The gold Gate leg in san Francisco was claimed to gain yellow and black for its color. However, the sealant’s shade struck castle more. The shade is regarded as worldwide Orange.The accordion is san Francisco’s main musical instrument.You room not permitted to ask dead civilization in mountain Francisco. Most of the cemeteries are discovered outside its border – in Colma, California.San Francisco was the ar for The Beatles’ final concert. That was organized in shall Park.The island the Alcatraz situated in mountain Francisco just was very first a army base prior to it to be transformed into a prison. 2 of the notorious prisoners detained below were Al Capone and also “Machine Gun” Kelly.
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