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All the various sizing can really do shopping for clothes a frustrating experience. Girls, Juniors, Misses, Women’s – what yes, really is the difference and also what color etc the line between each sizing classification anyway? Is it even possible to transform juniors come women’s sizes?

While there are basic guidelines you have the right to follow if she trying come convert between sizes, often times it’s not specifically straightforward.


What’s the difference in between women’s and also junior’s sizes anyway?

The short answer below is women’s sizing generally recommendations misses sizes, which is clothing that is cut for grown women. Top top the other hand, juniors is intended for occurring females who flourish out of the little girls departments.

Women’s (misses) clothing is same numbered 0, 2, 4, etc. When juniors apparel has weird numbers choose 2, 3, 5, etc. Castle both still use the common S, M, L, XL labels together well.

The many simplistic means to convert juniors to women’s is to dimension down 1 – 2 sizes. If friend wear a 7 in juniors, shot a 4 or 6 in women’s. If friend wear a l in juniors, friend might be able to fit a S or M in women’s.

But first, let’s settle some confusion about women’s, juniors, misses, and also plus sizes

So technically, within the clothing industry a women’s dimension is a method to designate to add size. So in ~ a brand, a 14W, 16W, etc. Space the plus (women’s) sizes, indicating that they’re reduced larger than the common sizes 14 and also 16 that the very same item. The distinction is usually roughly 1 inch bigger (give or take) in the hips, bust, and also waist.

But generally in daily terms, when civilization say women’s sizes, it’s much more often used to be synonymous with misses sizing. Misses sizes simply mean that they’re made for adult females and are reduced with a women’s herbal curves in mind.

You may see misses sizing at certain retailers, yet many don’t use that hatchet anymore. Most apparel retailers separate female garments categories right into girls, juniors, women’s, and also then plus size. Then there room the sub-categories prefer maternity, petite, and also tall.

The W (women’s) brand is not constantly used on add to sizing

In current years, add to sizes have become much more and more mainstream. It’s really common for clothing companies to have their very own designated women’s add to sizes, and the 14W, 16W, 18W labels are less typical than they used to be.

Of course they perform still exist, and when you check out the W label after a size, you’ll understand it way it’s a add to size.

But for the most part, it’s means more common to view sizing prefer “1X, 2X, 3X” or just consistent numbers choose 14, 16, 18+ in the plus dimension departments. In the instance of Torrid (one that the most well-known plus size stores) they drop the X and also just use 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. Because that sizing.

Converting juniors to women’s size – size down 1-2 sizes

In general, when trying to go from the juniors to the women’s department, you’ll have to size down. Juniors sizes are smaller sized than women’s.

Juniors come Women’s Sizing graph (Generalized)

Juniors (pants size)Women’s (pants size)
30 or 2
52 or 4
74 or 6
96 or 8
118 or 10
Juniors (tops)Women’s (tops)
MXS or S
LS or M

So a juniors 7 would certainly be roughly similar to a women’s 4 or 6.

And going the opposite way, native women’s to juniors, dimension up. A women’s 12 would certainly be comparable to a juniors 13 or 15.

If friend wear a huge in juniors, shot a little or medium in women’s.

How much you should size increase or down just depends top top the brand and your body type. Since women’s sizes are cut curvier, and juniors reduced straighter, some curvier women may discover they don’t fit an extremely well in juniors sizes even if they try to size up.

The many accurate method to know just how juniors vs. Women’s garments will fit friend is come either try items on or know your measurements

Because there is simply SO lot variation in sizing, make the efforts the apparel on and comparing is simply the best method to really know exactly how the various sizes to the right on your body.

But if friend can’t try clothes on, perform the next ideal thing – uncover a ice cream measurer to gain accurate dimensions of your bust, waist, and hips. Make sure to compose them down. Acquisition your inseam measure up is a great thing as well.

After you have that information, every you must do is examine the size charts of the apparel items you’re interested in. It will offer you a better idea that which size you need to order as soon as you’re not able to actually shot the clothing on.

Of course because clothing sizes can be all wonky and also crazy, points still might not also fit. Yet at the very least it gives you a general starting point.

Plus sizing vs. Women’s (misses)

Another source of man within women’s clothing sizes is the overlap in between regular women’s sizing and plus.

What’s the difference in between a 14, 16, 18, 20 in regular sizing and a 14, 16, 18, 20 in the to add department? What around the difference between an XXL and also a 2XL?

While this is an extremely general and varies therefore much across brands, generally speaking…

A women’s straight dimension (misses) 14, 16, and 18 will be sized to right a more hourglass form shape, through a narrower suggest at the waist. They’re no as accommodating to bigger busts, legs, and also arms.

Plus sizes, however, room sized larger and allow more room in the hips, bust, armpits, and waist.

A 14 add to or 14W is larger than a consistent 14. Women that wear a continual 14 may uncover the 14W/plus method too big.

Example – Old Navy’s add to vs. Consistent sizing

Let’s usage Old Navy’s add to vs. Continual women’s sizing, simply for one example.

According come Old Navy’s dimension chart, a women’s XXL is tantamount to a size 20 and measures 47.5 in ~ the bust, 39.5 in ~ the waist, and also 50.5 in the hips.

Old Navy’s plus size 20 is a 2XL and measures 48 customs in the bust, 40 inches in ~ the waist, and also 51.5 at the hips.

Sizes (Old Navy)BustWaistHips
Women’s regular XXL (20)47.539.550.5
Women’s add to 2X (20)484051.5

This means the plus size 20 permits an extra half inch in the belt and an entire extra inch at the hips, which can make rather a difference in the fit.

However when you check the 16 regular sizing vs. The 16 add to size, over there is even much more of a difference.

Sizes (Old Navy)BustWaistHips
Women’s constant XL (16)42.534.545.5
Women’s add to 1X (16)44.536.548

The plus dimension 16 enables an extra 2 inch in the bust and waist, and 2.5 in the hips.

Despite having all the information, knowing exactly how any details clothing will fit is constantly a gamble

Clothing sizes, an especially for ladies, are hard to predict. Learning your measurements and checking size charts is the best way to gain a an ext accurate idea that what size you should order if shopping online.

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If you’re able come shop in store, take advantage of trying apparel on. This is the only way to recognize for sure which size you need.

Regardless of how you shop, always make certain you know the stores return policy. Clothing is just one of those things you might need come return!