Geology is an amazing subject, holds many terms that have actually quite comparable meanings yet are completely different. This happens with almost every branch of science too, we call it the difference of literature. Joints and faults are the varieties of fractures or crack in a rock due to weathering the rocks for a long period.

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In the language of science and the language the commoners, there lies a difference of understanding. Therefore, the difference in between joints and faults could not be notable to the commoners but in regards to geology, they hold large differences among themselves.

Joints vs Faults

The difference in between joints and also faults is that joints are tiny in size and don’t cause any kind of movement in the components of the rocks vice versa, faults space considerably large and have the right to be influenced by lateral tectonic movements, to add the means both are created are quite various in significant manners.


When a rock is pushed past its breaking suggest due to organic strains favor wind, water, and also earth flow, joints develop. This occurs since the buildup of dust on rock formations increases their bulk, causing them to rest apart. But, above and past these characteristics, plenty of individuals are concerned around the hazard that this fissures might offer to person civilization. Part joints may additionally be the factor for the huge hills and also mountains we view in the existing day! Fissures prefer horizontal stripes space the figure of a common joint fracture.Faults, top top the other hand, are rather scary, to it is in honest. Faults room the faults on the surface ar of the rock, castle are developed when a rock is shattered and also the fault lines have the right to sometimes extend to miles and kilometers!Surprising facts around fault present is that the faults had actually been created earlier in the times when the earth was “young”, and after the long procedure of advancement for countless years dirt and dust have actually covered this fault lines. As a result, at any time the tectonic plates move, the fault lines boost the soot of earthquakes greatly making them scary and also dangerous for person beings and also civilizations.

Table of Comparison in between Joints and Faults

Parameters of ComparisonJointsFaultsDefinitionThese are fractures end rocks brought about by organic phenomena that result in continuous strain on rocks and hence fissures appear on the surface.These room hairline or sectional fractures ~ above the rocks caused by tectonic movements.AppearanceLong and horizontal or vertical fissures. Occasionally it each other ‘flow’ patterns.Cracks and also crevices on the surface of rocks, spanned by accumulated dust and also dirt because that years.CauseRocks reach the breaking allude due come strenuous weather conditions and develop these fissures.Caused through rigorous tectonic movements and crackings.SizeSmaller and also compact in size. Usually, they room like lengthy stripes.Can selection up come miles and might it is in as big as a nation sometimes!MovementNo movement occurs.Movement occurs when tectonic bowl move and also can reason natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

What is Joints?

When we take a glance into the human being of rocks and earth, geology exhibits a frequently used geology term because that weathering that rocks. Joint is the an outcome of this weathering, it’s merely a fracture resulted in on the rock because of strenuous weather conditions like water flow and also wind and also temperature fluctuations. These space static and do no cause any type of harm, uneven the faults.Because they do not totally divide absent formations, joints have actually very tiny or no mobility. Joints room comparatively compact and also lesser in dimension than faults and also may be discovered in virtually every form of absent formation. Really commonly found on sedimentary and also red sand rocks since of the formation process of these rocks.Joints are among the most common geologic features, showing up in almost every absent exposure. They come in a selection of shapes, sizes, and arrangements, and also they may be found in a selection of tectonic settings. The exact source of the pressures that produced certain joints and also related share sets is occasionally vague, imprecise, and also even contentious.

What is Faults?

Just like joints, faults are additionally the an outcome of weathering in rocks. Hair-line fractures and also cracks end the surface ar of rocks, however, faults are much more fatal than the unauthorized joints. Faults are distinctly specified due to the fact that they are susceptible to lateral displacement induced by tectonic forces under the earth’s surface.

Faults are likewise known together “Nature’s Movers” because of their mobile nature, they are the primary cause of earthquakes and tsunamis. The constant movement in ~ the earth crust causes faults. Faults break-up rock formations, making them susceptible to earthquakes. The movement of tectonic plates directly affects the error fissures of these large rocks and also as a result, the shocks deliver from the rocks come the civilization developed upon them.A fault plane is a flat airplane that depicts a fault’s fracture rate worrying time and also the type of surface. A error trace, likewise known together a fault line, is a location on the surface ar where the fault may be viewed or mapped. A fault map is additionally the line the is regularly used to indicate a fault on geologic maps. This terminologies vastly aid geologists to recognize the age and also duration that the faults in the rock.

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Main Differences between Joints and Faults

Joints room smaller and compact than faults.Joints are caused by strenuous problems of nature that press the rocks to your limits, conversely, faults are caused by tectonic movements.Joints space immobile irrespective of the tectonic movements whereas faults are mobile and also can reason tectonic shocks too.Joints cannot cause any natural disasters yet faults room the main reasons because that tsunamis and also earthquakes.Joints space of three types; Systematic, non-systematic, and also columnar whereas, faults room of six types; strike-slip, dip-slip, oblique, listric, ring, and also synthetic faults.


Fractures or discontinuities in the earth’s crust space classed as both joints and also faults. The way a joint and a defect are created is what distinguishes them. The consistent movement beneath the earth crust causes faults. Faults separate rock formations, make them at risk to earthquakes.Both types of fissures are a result of weathering that rocks caused millions the years earlier from now. Joints being immobile and harmless have sculpted themselves into hills and little crevices top top the surface ar of earth whereas, there space yet many undiscovered fault-lines ~ above the surface of planet hidden under built up dirt. Eventually, they’ll be discovered when the tectonic plates display any significant movements.