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You room looking in ~ a preview of what’s in the timed national Handgun security Course. Feel cost-free to look at around, but you’ll must register to start progress toward obtaining your course Completion Certificate.

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Unit 1: arrival to Handgun EducationTopic 1: Firearm security RulesTopic 2: The importance of Handgun EducationTopic 3: Learning around Handgun UsesUnit 2: know Your Handgun EquipmentTopic 1: What Is a Handgun?Topic 2: What Is Ammunition?Topic 3: Understanding usual Features of Handguns—Sights object 4: Understanding usual Features the Handguns—Actions object 5: Understanding usual Features that Handguns—Safeties topic 6: Understanding common Features that Handguns—Magazines subject 7: using the exactly AmmunitionTopic 8: learning a Handgun"s RangeTopic 9: Cleaning her HandgunTopic 10: Storing her HandgunUnit 3: simple Handgun SkillsTopic 1: Developing great Marksmanship and AccuracyTopic 2: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Fundamentals and GripTopic 3: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Body PositionTopic 4: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—AimingTopic 5: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Breathing and also Trigger SqueezeTopic 6: discovering Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Follow ThroughTopic 7: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—PracticingTopic 8: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—SummaryTopic 9: using Handguns at the shooting RangeUnit 4: Handgun SafetyTopic 1: expertise Why safety and security Is ImportantTopic 2: for sure Loading and also Unloading HandgunsTopic 3: moving HandgunsTopic 4: extr Safety PrecautionsTopic 5: Resolving disputes Without ViolenceUnit 5: Handgun LawsTopic 1: Obeying Handgun LawsTopic 2: finding out State and also Local laws

Semi-automatics usually have actually cartridges save in a magazine.

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To unloading a semi-automatic pistol: point the muzzle in a for sure direction. Put the safety and security on if the is not already on. Save your finger external the create guard. Release the magazine and take it the end of the pistol. Remove the cartridges native the magazine. Pull the slide all the method to the rear and then permit it go forward to eject any type of cartridge that might be in the chamber. Repeat this several times to make sure the chamber is empty. Make certain the pistol is empty by visually checking both the chamber and the magazine.

Remember …

Removal of ammunition native the magazine or removed of the magazine from a semi-automatic pistol walk not median the handgun is unloaded!

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