LG refrigerator manage panel screen button and also functions.

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We have had plenty of LG refrigerator owner ask us around the display screen panel buttons and also what they execute on the more recent LG refrigerators. This is a rapid identification guide which tells you what each switch is and also the function of each switch on your new LG fridge. Please note: depending on the version of LG refrigerator girlfriend have, few of the functions noted below might not it is in on your details refrigerator.

NOTE: If you have actually LG refrigerator error codes, click the link and also find your screen panel error code. If her LG fridge is in DEMO mode or not DISPLAYING – Reset – Error, click the attach to find out an ext info.

LG Refrigerator manage Panel

ICE TYPE:Press the ICE type button come choose in between crushed and cubed ice.The symbol of your selection will irradiate up.Push top top the ice cream dispenser pad through a glass and ice will certainly come out.

REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE:Shows the set temperature of the frozen fridge in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

FREEZER TEMPERATURE:Shows the collection temperature of the freezer in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

LG Refrigerator function Display Board

FRESH waiting FILTER BUTTON:The new Air Filter helps eliminate odor native the refrigerator.The fresh Air Filter has two settings, Auto and also Power (PWR).IN Auto setting the new Air Filter will cycle on and also off in increments the 10 minutes on and 110 minute off.After 4 hours, the new AIR FILTER button once for power (PWR) mode and also press the same switch once more to switch back to Auto mode.

FRESH wait FILTER “CHANGE FILTER” ICON:When this icon is lit up, it means your waiting filter demands to be replaced.After you have actually replaced her Fresh wait Filter, press and also hold the fresh AIR FILTER switch for 3 seconds to revolve this indicator icon off.NOTE: the is recommended to adjust your new Air Filter about every 6 months.

VIDEO – LG French Door frozen refrigerator – replacing the fresh Air Filter

LG Refrigerator regulate Panel Identification

ICE to add BUTTON:Pressing this button once will certainly activate the feature and increase both freezing and ice-making capabilities by approximately 20%.When ice cream PLUS is on, the symbol on the display screen will irradiate up and stay on because that 24 hours.The function will immediately shut turn off after 24 hours or can manually it is in shut turn off by pushing the button one an ext time.

LIGHT BUTTON:This switch activates the dispenser light.When you push it, the light transforms on and also the light icon shows up on the LED display.

CHANGE WATER FILTER ICON:When the water filter indicator is lit up, it means you require to change the water filter.After an altering the water filter, press and also hold the WATER FILTER button for 3 secs to turn the indicator icon off.NOTE: it is encourage to adjust your water filter about every 6 months.

VIDEO – LG frozen refrigerator – exactly how to change the LG refrigerator Water Filter

CONTROL LOCK BUTTON:The manage LOCK switch disables every other button on her refrigerator’s LED display.When strength is connected to your refrigerator, the control Lock role is instantly in off mode.If you want to activate the control Lock function, press and also hold the manage LOCK button for 3 seconds.When activated, the manage Lock symbol will it is in lit up.To deactivate the regulate Lock function, press and hold the regulate LOCK switch for 3 seconds.

DISPLAY turn off MODE:When your refrigerator is in screen Off mode, the LED display screen panel will remain off until a door is opened up or a switch is pressed.Once on, the display screen will continue to be lit because that 20 seconds.To deactivate the display Off function, press and also hold the FREEZER and also ICE add to buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.

DOOR alert ICON:When strength is linked to her refrigerator, the door alarm is automatically set to be ON.To deactivate the Door alarm function, merely press the DOOR ALARM button once.When activated, the door alarm will certainly chime when the freezer or frozen fridge door is open for more than 60 seconds.It will immediately stop chiming when you close the opened up door.

Adjusting the Temperature On your LG Refrigerator

ADJUSTING FREEZER TEMPERATURE:Press the FREEZER button to cycle with the selection of accessible settings.When you uncover the ideal temp setting… stop.NOTE: -6°F (-21°C) is the minimum encourage temperature setup for typical ice production.

ADJUST frozen refrigerator TEMPERATURE:Press the REFRIGERATOR button to cycle with the variety of available settings.When you find the best temp setting… stop.NOTE: The wanted temperature is between 35°F (2°C) and also 38°F (3°C).

TEMPERATURE DISPLAY:To change the temperature display screen from Fahrenheit to Celsius, concurrently press and hold the FREEZER and also REFRIGERATOR buttons for around 5 seconds.To convert back simply repeat the procedure.

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If you have actually questions around your LG frozen refrigerator display regulate panel, please leave a inquiry below and also we have the right to assist.