i have actually to architecture an experiment to determine whether sodium chloride or potassium chloride has a higher lattice energy and show calculations to prove the experiment have the right to be used

One an interpretation of Lattice energy is the a type of potential energy stored in the crystal structure of a solid. Thus, the lattice energy is the energy required to break apart one ionic solid and convert its component atoms right into gaseous ions.

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Most ionic compounds" lattice energies room high. Ions execute not easily detach us from their decision structure into a gas state. For this reason ionic solids no not go native a hard state to gas state at simple temperatures. They deserve to be melted by applying sufficient thermal power to conquer the crystalline lattice. Therefore, the higher the lattice power is of one ionic compound, the greater its melting point is.
For KCL, the melting suggest is about 1418oF or 770oC, and its lattice power is around 715 kJ/mol.Recall that power needed to break apart an ionic crystal (when it is dissolved) comes comes from the interaction of ions in the crystal solid v the molecule of the solvent. Releasing the lattice energy of an ionic hard is what an ionic solid depends on to dissolve itself in a solvent. Therefore, the lower the lattice energy, the higher the amount an ionic heavy that have the right to be dissolved in any quantity the solvent.
So set up a straightforward experiment that either steps the melting temperature of every salt, or alternatively (starting v an the same quantity) that solid crystal in your solution, which systems has an ext solid decision left after heater them up saturated to the lower one"s melting temperature.
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