Not meaning to stir increase a morality debate, I simply have good friends who permit thier 15 year old daughter come drink alcohol as soon as they visit every inclusives in Mexico. One night was spent cleaning she up ~ too plenty of white russians!! They are not this permissive at home. I have two teens who know that underage drinking is against the legislation period. What about the remainder of you?

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Aug 17th, 2004, 01:48 PM
this more than likely will start a debate! I prospered up in Germany, and always had a sip the my parents wine, and also they never ever drank very much, no huge deal.I let my 17 3/4 year old son have a margarita or a beer v us in ~ dinner in Mex. Recently, despite he doesn't drink in ~ home. However we didn't remain at one AI, and also so never had much more than 1 drink in an evening...I can see how teens in ~ an every inclusive can go overboard quickly~!

Aug 17th, 2004, 02:11 PM
It appears to me the there is a huge difference between enabling a teen to have a glass or wine or one drink in ~ dinner and letting them all evening in ~ the disco. Ns guess the legality of the doesn't bother me as much as it just not seeming appropriate to allow your teen to become intoxicated. Jean

I let my youngsters at 17 and 18 drink in too much moderation and also under ours supervision in restaurants in Mexico if they want to. One point to consider- drinking eras are collection locally in Mexico and it is conceivable, although not likely, the you can run into a legal problem. In most places the law is 18.
What is the mixed message being sent to this kids? "We don't allow you to come to be falling down drunk at residence - not because its harmful - but since THE regulation won't allow us to". For this reason in a country that doesn't think the neccessary to control the usual sense that its citizens (maybe because they have actually some of their own), "its o.k - knock yourself out" (literally). And don't even get me began on American traveler embarassing actions in international countries.

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lightfoot: It's a society thing and I think it's one thing to permit one drink or a sip and also another to enable drunkenness. Those 2 don't also compare.My parental (my stepdad indigenous Belgium, my mommy from Haiti) let me drink alcohol with various other dinner guests. It was not taken into consideration wrong and it to be no big deal. And also by the way, that never brought about me having a drink problem. I still gain an occasional glass of alcohol at period 34.
My husband (an American) to be never enabled to drink due to the fact that it's illegal in the U.S. Well, he made up for it in college and also it ended up being a problem (He doesn't drink at all anymore).We have a 2-year-old and also you just made me realize my husband and I never questioned this. Hmm...It will be interesting to listen his opinion ~ above it.Long story top top my component to tell girlfriend that ns think as soon as you forbid children from doing something, you only make them want to carry out it.Just my personal opinion.