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-ive suffix (forming adjectives) describe a tendency, inclination, character, or quality: divisive, prohibitive, festive, huge (forming noun of adjectival origin): detective, expletiveEtymology: from Latin -īvus
I"ve/aɪv/USA pronunciationcontraction.Pronounsa shortened type of i have:I"ve been working on the railroad because that a long time.-ive,suffix.-ive is enclosed to root or noun to kind adjectives with the meaning "having a propensity or link with; like"":act(ion)+-ive → active (= tending to be full of activity or activity);sport+-ive → sportive (= favor sports).
I"ve(īv),USA pronunciationPronounscontraction of ns have. Seecontraction.-ive,a suffix of adjective (and noun of adjectival origin) to express tendency, disposition, function, connection, etc.:active; destructive;detective;passive; sportive.Cf. -ative, -itive.
-ative - abessive - abjective - ablative - abortive - abrasive - absorptive - abstersive - abstractive - abusive - accelerative - acceptive - accommodative - accumulative - acquisitive - energetic - adaptive - addictive - additive - adessive - adhesive - adjective - adjunctive - adjustive - administrative - admissive - adoptive - adumbrative - adventive - adversative - affective - affiliative drive - affinitive - affirmative - afflictive - affricative - affrontive - agentive - agglutinative - aggregative - aggressive - allative - alleviative - alliterative - allusive - different - amative - amusive - anticipative - aperitive
'You recognize that ns ve been up and also ive been down I ve been pickdistinct/iveHello, ive goy a few sentences to it is in corrected.how to develop words utilizing the suffix -able or -iveInvestigat-ive, or -ory?Ive always wanted to know what your name was.Ive been very fortunate to having hadIve to be startive matches ionRule for using suffix -or matches -ivethe difference in between "subject(ive) vs. Object(ive)"
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