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I love Christmas music in general, and also one song that ns think is particularly cute goes prefer this:
I desire a hippopotamus for Christmas.Only a hippopotamus will do.But being Grammar Girl, the song likewise gets me thinking about the plural of hippopotamus because it’s a common question: Is the pluralhippopotamusesorhippopotami?

'Hippopotamuses' or 'Hippopotami'?

Dictionaries perform both plurals, and also both forms regularly show up in composing that you’ll check out today.The indigenous originally originates from Greek where it expected “river horse,” and also it came into English through Latin.

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Hippopotamuses is the ideal choice.Hippopotami is the correct Latin plural kind and still regularly shows up in clinical writing, yet words the come into English can additionally shed your Latin plurals and also take the more Anglicized -s or -es form, and also hippopotamuses appears much more often in books and newspapers.For example, a Google publications Ngram search reflects that hippopotamuses is slightly more common 보다 hippopotami, and a New York Times Chronicle search shows that the Times plainly favors hippopotamuseshippopotami hasn’t appeared in that paper since the 1930s. Garner’s contemporary American Usage also recommends hippopotamuses.
So as soon as 10-year-old Gayla Peevey sangAnd hippopotamuses favor me tooShe was utilizing the correct plural.


The New York Times also occasionally uses hippos, and although hippos sound a little an ext informal, it’s a quite plural since it avoids the whole trouble of which plural to use.

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