Square cards have the right to be funny to make and also can assist you do the most of her materials. However, square cards perform cost much more to mail. In the US, a square card at this time costs 70 cent in postage, fairly than the typical 55 cents.

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The reason for this is that square cards can’t be processed by an automatic sorting machine and should be handle by a postal worker.

The short article office sell 15-cent “additional ounce” stamps for letters that weigh over an ounce, and also you have the right to use these stamps with a regular very first class rubber stamp to reach the 70 cent total. It’s a good idea to have some of these stamps on hand for rectangular cards that go over one ounce. However, having actually two stamps on one already tiny envelope deserve to look a little crowded.

The article office sells 70-cent “non-machinable surcharge” stamps because that square cards. They space pretty, but if friend don’t have any type of on hand, you’ll should make a special trip to the short article office.

Use a rectangle-shaped envelope

I’m constantly in a rush to obtain cards in the mail, and also I favor this option provides what I have on hand and doesn’t need a special pilgrimage to the post office. Also, i don’t commonly make envelopes because that my cards, due to the fact that I want to save time and because they conveniently get tossed.

I always have A7 envelopes top top hand for 5″x 7″ dimension cards. Because that a square card, ns simply cut a piece of cardstock to ar in the envelope to do it rigid and also keep it from getting chewed increase by the write-up office machine.

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I either reduced a 5″x7″ piece with a document trimmer from a scrap, or use this style Space document to reduced two pieces from a letter size piece of cardstock with my Cricut.

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