Qi is a Chinese word. It method dynasty. Unless you space in a background class, you may not find plenty of occasions to talk about ancient Chinese dynasties. However, in the last few turns the a native game, this word can make the difference between victory and defeat! What other short words have the right to you include to your arsenal? right here are some of the shortest devices of language in English.

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One-letter words

In every conversation girlfriend have, you most likely use among two vowels as a single-letter word. Did friend guess a and I? The indefinite post a is just capitalized as soon as it starts a sentence, yet the pronoun i is constantly capitalized. One more single-letter word that is always capitalized is O. It’s not usual in daily writing, yet it shows up as one interjection in poetry. Part dictionaries list every letter that the alphabet as an separation, personal, instance word. Because that example, each English letter has 5 meanings listed on Dictionary.com. V, because that instance, is the twenty-second letter that the alphabet; any spoken sound stood for by the letter V; anything that has actually the form of a V; any kind of written depiction of the letter V; and also a device, such together printer’s type, that reproduces the letter V. What a lot of of interpretations for one letter!

Two-letter words

How plenty of two-letter words do you know? most are rather common. As well as the greeting hi, there space verbs—am, be, do, is, and go. There are many articles, adverbs, prepositions, and also conjunctions—as, an, at, by, in, no, of, on, so, to, up. Finally, there room pronouns—he, it, me, us, and we. That the nouns and also the adjectives the seem a small obscure: Aa is a type of lava. Ae means one. Id is a part of the person psyche. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Three-letter words

Though single- and also two-letter indigenous are relatively few, there space scores that three-letter native in the English language. You might shock your adversary if girlfriend use among the rare ones. In mathematics, iff way “if and also only if.” A kip is the hide that a little animal. Nim is a synonym that steal. In some word games, words composed of rare letters offer high scores. How plenty of points can you gain with pyx, a box provided for spiritual purposes, or zek, a ax once supplied for jail camp laborers?

Aside from word games, brief words come in comfortable in other ways. Phrontistery.info features a riddle: add two and one and you might ken the odd crucial I’ll use for now. Not yet? ’Tis not as well bad, yet I’ll assist you.

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Your tip: “wee.” Now deserve to you spy the key? Yes! girlfriend win! however you see exactly how its use have the right to vex the ego, and also I’ll end. But who can say it’s not fun?

How will certainly you use your tiny small words? even if it is you use them to victory a game or write a poem, take a minute to evaluate these small gems.