An organ is a arsenal of tissues that function in a specific manner. The tissue is connected and constructed as a unit to serve a usual function. Every organs that the body occupational in sync to type about a dozen body organ systems.

Anorgan is a arsenal of organization that duty in a particular manner. The organization is connected and constructed as a unit to serve a typical function. Every organs that the body work in sync to kind about a dozen organ systems. Below is the perform of all found organs to date.

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Adrenal glandsAnusBladder (urinary)BonesBone marrow (spongy component of the bone)BrainEarsEyesFallopian tubesGallbladderGenitalsHypothalamus (in the brain)JointsKidneysLarynx (voice box)LungsMammary glandsMouthNoseOvariesPancreasPineal glandParathyroid glandsPharynxProstateRectumSalivary glandsSkeletal musclesSkinSmall intestineSpinal cordSpleenStomachThymus glandThyroidTracheaTongueUretersUrethraUterusHuman skeletonLigaments (connect muscles to bones)Tendons (connect bones come bones)Blood cellsVaginaHairPlacentaTestesNailsVas deferensSeminal vesiclesBulbourethral glandsPenisScrotumParathyroid glandsThoracic ductsArteriesVeinsCapillariesLymphatic vesselsNervesSubcutaneous tissueOlfactory epithelium (nose)Cerebellum

The ten most an essential organs space as follows.


Its main job is to preserve the body's temperature.The skin has sweat glands and also oil glands. Oil released by the skin releases helps save the skin from drying out and the hair from coming to be brittle.The skin additionally regularly sheds cell to preserve its effectiveness.



The love is another crucial organ. In an average lifetime, the heart beats an ext than 2.5 million times.The heart's job is come pump oxygenated blood transparent the body and also receive deoxygenated blood in return.


The kidneys are situated under the rib cage in the lower back.The kidney filter things, such as water and salts, the end of the blood and produce urine.


The liver is in the upper abdomen, contempt to the left.The main job the the liver is to develop bile, which it sends out to the stomach for digestion.


The kidnize is situated behind the stomach.The job of the kidnize is to produce enzymes crucial for digestion and also send them to the stomach.The pancreas additionally creates glucagon that has the opposite result of insulin and helps to keep blood sugar levels.


The stomach obtain food native the esophagus and sends it right into the small intestine.

Small intestine

The task of the little intestine is to digest food.It walk this by utilizing chemicals, such as enzymes.The little intestine additionally absorbs nutrients and also transfers them to the blood.The tiny intestine is five meters long. The food move from the little intestine come the big intestine with a collection of muscle contractions.

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Large intestine

The huge intestine is located in the abdomen and is 1.5 meter in length.The large intestine is involved in digestion. That receives undigested food native the small intestine.


The lung are located in the chest and also are safeguarded by the rib cage.The lungs take it in oxygen and also they expel carbon dioxide. The lungs supply oxygenated blood to the heart whereby it is pumped throughout the body and also they get deoxygenated blood indigenous the heart after blood travels throughout the body.