The square source of 160 is expressed together √160 in the radical type and together (160)½ or (160)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 160 rounded approximately 7 decimal areas is 12.6491106. That is the optimistic solution the the equation x2 = 160. We have the right to express the square root of 160 in its lowest radical type as 4 √10.

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Square source of 160: 12.649110640673518Square source of 160 in exponential form: (160)½ or (160)0.5Square root of 160 in radical form: √160 or 4 √10
1.What Is the Square source of 160?
2.Is Square root of 160 rational or Irrational?
3.How to discover the Square root of 160?
4.Challenging Questions
5.FAQs top top Square source of 160

What Is the Square source of 160?

The square source of a number n is created as √n. This number when squared or multiplied by itself outcomes in the original number n. There space multiple methods of writing square source of 160. Castle are provided as:

Radical form: √160 = 4√10Decimal form: 12.649Exponent form: (160)1/2

Is Square root of 160 reasonable or Irrational?

How to discover the Square source of 160?

There are just 2 means to uncover the square source of 160:

Long department MethodPrime Factorization

We cannot use the prime factorization an approach here, together 160 is a prime number. Think about it?

Long division Method

The square source of 160 through long division method is composed of the complying with steps:

Step 1: Starting from the right, we will certainly pair increase the digits 160 by putting a bar above 60 and also 1 separately. We likewise pair the 0s in decimals in bag of 2 from left to right.Step 3: Drag a pair of 0’s down and also fill it next to to make the dividend 1600.Step 5: Repeat this process to gain the decimal areas you want.


Therefore, the square root of 160 = 12.649

Prime Factorization

Next, this deserve to be diminished further to 150 = 25 × 5Finally, to find the source of this from here is very easy, 

√150 = √(25 × 5) = 4√(2 × 5) = 4√10 = 4 × 3.162 = 12.649

Therefore, the Square root of 160 ≅ 12.649

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Challenging Questions

What is the an unfavorable root that 160?Find the third root that 160?Express the listed below given number in the regards to square source of 160:25644100

Solved Examples

Example 1: Robert desires to purchase a brand-new painting because that his living room. In the store, he finds a square paint that has an area that 16000 sq cm. How long is every side of the painting?


To uncover the next of the painting, we will have actually to discover the square root of 160.The square root is √16000= 126.49.Hence, the side length of the paint is 126.49 cm.

Example 2: discover the square root of 25600 making use of the truth that square source of √160 =4√10.


25600 = 160 × 160√25600 = √(160 × 160) = (4√10 × 4√10)√25600 = 160Therefore, square source of 25600 is 160.

Example: If the area of a one is 160π in2. Uncover the radius the the circle.


Let "r" it is in the radius that the circle.⇒ Area of the circle = πr2 = 160π in2⇒ r = ±√160 inSince radius can"t it is in negative,⇒ r = √160The square root of 160 is 12.649.⇒ r = 12.649 in

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FAQs on the Square root of 160

What is the value of the Square root of 160?

The square source of 160 is 12.64911.

Why is the Square source of 160 one Irrational Number?

Upon prime factorizing 160 i.e. 25 × 51, 2 is in strange power. Therefore, the square root of 160 is irrational.

What is the Square source of -160?

The square root of -160 is an imagine number. It can be written as √-160 = √-1 × √160 = ns √160 = 12.649iwhere i = √-1 and it is dubbed the imaginary unit.

Is the number 160 a Perfect Square?

The prime factorization of 160 = 25 × 51. Here, the prime aspect 2 is not in the pair. Therefore, 160 is not a perfect square.

What is the worth of 15 square source 160?

The square root of 160 is 12.649. Therefore, 15 √160 = 15 × 12.649 = 189.737.

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What is the Square that the Square source of 160?

The square of the square source of 160 is the number 160 chin i.e. (√160)2 = (160)2/2 = 160.