ok there is a many confusion below soIwill watch if Ican help to straighten it the end for the is fairly important.

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Firstly 7*7=49 and also (-7)*(-7)=49


Now if the inquiry is $$sqrt49$$ then the price is 7 (Just 7 NOT -7)

This is due to the fact that if the square source is written right into the original question just the positive answer counts. The is a convention.


However, if the inquiry is

$$\x^2=49 qquad findquad x \\ $That is different due to the fact that the square source is no written right into the original question.$\\ x=pmsqrt47=pm7$$


Please, if you desire to questioning questions do so because this is important.

Melody Jan 8, 2015

The convention is that us assume the optimistic root, unless we are fixing an equation...

So.... √49 = 7


x2 = 49

x = ±√49 = ± 7

CPhill Jan 8, 2015
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