98 is an also composite number. The square the 98 can be composed as (100-2)2 = (100)2 + (2)2 - (2 × 100 × 2) = 10000 + 4 - 400 = 9604.

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In this mini-lesson, let united state learn exactly how to uncover the square root of 98.

Square root of 98: 9.89949493661Square the 98: 9604
1.What Is the Square source of 98?
2.Is the Square root of 98 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to find the Square source of 98?
4.Thinking the end of the Box!
5.FAQs ~ above Square source of 98
6.Important note on Square root of 98

What Is the Square source of 98?

The square root of 98 is a number whose square gives the initial number. What number can that be? by trial and error method, we can observe that there is no integer whose square is 98. Yet we can discover the square source of 98 making use of a calculator. 

√98 = 9.899494To inspect this answer, find (9.899494)2 and we have the right to see the we acquire a number 97.9999815... Which is an extremely close come 98.

Is the Square root of 98 rational or Irrational?

A rational number is a number i beg your pardon is: 

either terminatingor non-terminating and also has a repeating pattern in that decimal part.

√98 = 9.899494, clearly, this is non-terminating and the decimal component has no repeating pattern. Thus, it is not a reasonable number. √98 is an irrational number.

We can discover the square source of 98 using various methods.

Repeated subtraction Prime factorizationEstimation and also approximationLong division

Square root of 98 by prime Factorization

The element factorization of 98 is 2 × 7 × 7. We deserve to see that 7 is the only pair of the exact same numbers. Thus, 98 can not be simplified any type of further and hence, √98 is 7√2.

Square source of 98 by Long department Method

The worth of the square source of 98 through the long department method is composed of the adhering to steps:

Step 1: starting from the right, we will certainly pair up the number by placing a bar above them.

Step 2: Find a number together that as soon as you multiply it with itself, the product is much less than or equal to 98. So, the number is 9. Keeping the divisor as 9, we get the quotient together 9 and the remainder 98 - 81 = 17.

Step 3: twin the divisor and enter it through a empty on that right. Guess the largest feasible digit to fill the empty which will additionally become the new digit in the quotient, together that once the brand-new divisor is multiplied to the new quotient, the product is less than or same to the dividend. Divide and write the remainder.

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Repeat this process to get the decimal places you want. Hence √98 = 9.89


Explore square roots using illustrations and also interactive examples.

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Important Notes
98 lies between 81 and 100. So, √98 lies between √81 and also √100, i.e. √98 lies between 9 and 10.The prime factorization an approach is offered to compose the square source of a non-perfect square number in the easiest radical form. Because that example, 45 = 3 × 3 × 5= 32 × 5 and also so, √45 = √32 × √5 = 3 √5