Western Meadowlark

(Sturnella neglecta) embraced on 1927.

The Western Meadowlark, (Sturnella neglecta,) was liked state bird in 1927 by Oregon"s school youngsters in a poll sponsored by the Oregon Audubon Society.

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In July 1927, governor I. L. Patterson authorize a proclamation specify name it the state bird that Oregon. No legislative activity was taken.

The buoyant, flutelike melody that the western Meadowlark ringing out throughout a ar can brighten anyone"s day, evident in the truth that the is additionally the state bird that Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, phibìc Dakota, and Oregon

Oregon State Bird: western Meadowlark


Native transparent western north America, the bird has actually brown plumage through buff and black markings. The underside is glowing yellow through a black color crescent on the breast; its outer tail feather are mainly white and are quickly visible once it flies. The western Meadowlark is known for its distinctive and also beautiful song.

Meadowlarks are members that the blackbird family. Various other blackbird species may have non-black feathers.

The Western"s Meadowlarks song is complex, garbled and also abrupt. Males frequently use fence write-ups as perches when singing. They will sing come stake the end a breeding territory which averages 7 acres in size yet may differ from 3 to 15 acres. The males will certainly have an ext than one mate. Up to three females may colony within that territory.

Meadowlarks space ground nesters. Castle weave dried grasses into a key shape, generally within a bigger grass clump for shelter and camouflage. An typical of 5 eggs space laid and also they may have actually two clutches every year. The eggs room white through brown and also lavender spots focused at the more comprehensive end. Incubation takes two weeks and the young are complete grown 6 weeks ~ hatching. The young have actually some black spots on your breast but do not develop the distinctive black color "V" till the fall molt . Nesting and also brood-rearing chores are done mainly by the female, back the masculine may help feed the young.

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The majority of their food during the growing season is insects, spiders and also other small invertebrates. Some seeds are consumed also, and that i do not care the bulk of their food in the winter. Throughout winter meadowlarks will kind into flocks of up to a few hundred individuals which are regularly seen foraging in fields and pastures.

Identification the the western Meadowlark

Length: 8.5 inches Sharply-pointed bill Buff and also brown head stripes Yellow underparts through black "v" on chest White flanks v black streaks Brown upperparts through black streaks Brown tail with white outer tail feathers Juvenile and also winter plumages rather duller Frequents open up habitats

Oregon Statutes

The state bird is cross-referenced in title 9, thing 186 of the Oregon modification Statutes western meadowlark claimed to be official bird by gubernatorial proclamation (1927).

Taxonomic Hierarchy: west Meadow Lark

Kingdom: Animalia - pets Phylum: Chordata - chordates Subphylum: Vertebrata - vertebrates Class: Aves - bird Order: Passeriformes - perching birds Family: Fringillidae - buntings, finches, grosbeaks, old people finches, sparrows Genus: SturnellaVieillot, 1816 - meadowlarks Species: Sturnella neglectaAudubon, 1844 - Pradero occidental, western meadowlark