"The Cask the Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe is a generally anthologized brief story and also one of mine favorites.

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This gothic/horror story is collection in Europe throughout the so late 18th or beforehand 19th century. It's told by a first person narrator, Montresor, a nobleman.

It deals with an idea the recurred in Poe's stories—being buried alive in part form.


Synopsis that "The Cask of Amontillado"

Montresor vow revenge versus Fortunato end an insult, a revenge that he will take at the appropriate time.

During a carnival castle encounter each other. Fortunato has actually been drinking. Montresor claims he has purchased a cask of amontillado but is uncertain of that quality. The is walking to get Luchesi to taste it. Fortunato won't listen of a rival wine connoisseur lending his expertise. He insists ~ above tasting that himself.

They walk to Montresor's royal residence which is north of servants. They take it torches and start under the long staircase resulting in the vaults. They go slowly because of Fortunato's intoxication and a persistent cough.

At the bottom is a deep crypt, its wall surfaces lined with human remains. Fortunato steps into a recess to find the amontillado. Montresor conveniently chains him to the wall.

Moving aside the pile of bones, Montresor reveals stones and also mortar. That starts to wall up the enntrance gate of the recess. Fortunato screams and then implores Montresor come stop. He puts the last stone in place and piles the skeletal up versus the wall.

He reveals the he exacted this revenge fifty years ago.

Theme: Revenge

I'm not breaking any kind of news by speak revenge is a significant theme; it's noticeable but unavoidable, therefore we'll look in ~ it first.

Montresor makes his an inspiration plain indigenous the start: “. . . When he ventured top top insult ns vowed revenge." The narrator tells us what he thinks the occurrence to monitor was all about. After hearing the complete story, the reader have the right to agree the the narrator was trusted on this point.

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He go on to outline his personal standard for revenge: "I need to not only punish but punish v impunity. A dorn is unredressed as soon as retribution overtakes that is redresser.” come Montresor, true revenge should be free of consequences.