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A key theme, as relevant to our time as to Twain"s, is the importance to management of discovering the lives of the people you lead. Prince Edward is not a poor soul, but he is isolated and out the touch in his palace—pampered, surrounding by courtiers, and also with no real...

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A main theme, as appropriate to our time regarding Twain"s, is the prestige to leadership of discovering the stays of the human being you lead. Prince Edward is no a poor soul, however he is isolated and out of touch in his palace—pampered, surrounded by courtiers, and with no genuine idea the the struggles that the ordinary civilization of London (and England) endure also less 보다 a mile indigenous his home.

Being mistaken for the poor Tom Canty and also cast native court radically changes Edward"s life and viewpoint. That suddenly has a very real knowledge of what it is to be powerless, poor, and voiceless. No matter how many times he claims his truth that the is the heir come the throne, practically nobody—especially most adults—will hear or think him. That gains an enormously an effective insight right into what it means to it is in a nobody. This raises his compassion and empathy, and also ensures he will certainly be a far better ruler 보다 if he had not ever been exposed to life"s reality. In countless ways, despite all his power and privilege, he to be a deprived person—deprived of knowing what genuine life is like. Together he states,

When ns am pertained to mine own again, i will always honor small children, remembering just how that these trusted me and believed me in mine time that trouble; whilst they the were older, and thought themselves wiser, mocked at me and held me because that a liar.

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Second, like various other writers of the period, Twain attacks the idea that civilization born to imperial or aristocratic titles space genetically remarkable to those born to poverty. This is not a surprising allude of see coming indigenous an American writer, however nevertheless, that is clear in the novel. Tom Canty is in no method inherently worse to Prince Edward—his trouble has been poverty and also lack the opportunity.