Hello! There are a the majority of discussions going on around the real an interpretation of " Dragostea din tei" , yet here a short an introduction : "tei" is a Linden tree, but "din tei" is pronounced practically the same method as "dântâi", what means "the first"...

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this song has a the majority of nostalgia..thank you!


About the meaning of the song"s title - it literally method "Love indigenous the linden tree", as in 2 lovers climbing up the tree and also sitting on a branch alongside each other. Also, "tei" rhymes v "hay" "dântâi" is no a word, yet I to be assuming you intended "dintâi", i m sorry doesn"t make lot sens ~ above its own, as it"s composed and used "cel dintâi", which method "the an initial one".

Oh and "nu-ți cer nimic" means "I don"t ask noþeles of you" - favor a request, no a question.

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Romanian is my mother tongue, therefore I deserve to vouch for what ns am speak haha. Overall great job!

Sometimes you make my dreams come true, occasionally you do me feeling so blue, yet I know that ns am constantly thinking around you...
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