You can only include stairs after you finish the Multi Story remodeling Quest. The very first step to location the human being in the house is to open the residence store, click "Floor Constructor".Floor Constructor attributes to add the upper floor that the center house. When you click Floor Constructor, a white fence will certainly appear over the center house.Click the white fence to include the upper floor.

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Each floor has a various price:Floor 2 = S300,000Floor 3 = S500,000Floor 4 = S800,000Floor 5 = S1,000,000After that, friend must develop a room on the upper floor by:Click the picture as below. The image is offered to see the upper and lower floors

Then open up the house Store, click "rooms". Perform it like making a room. Click here to develop a room in The Sims FreeplayAfter the room is finished. Go ago to the floor below. Ar the stairway just listed below the room you made on the 2nd floor. Stairs can be purchased at the residence Store "Stairs" section

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NOTE: You should make a room ~ above the 2nd floor prior to you can add stairs!The reason you cannot place a ladder at home is:Maybe there are items in your place where you put the stairs.Maybe the stairs that you placed on are too huge or bigger 보다 the room where you placed the stairs.There probably items in prior of the stairsMaybe there are items or her stairs obstructed by a wall upstairs. Try checking the upper floor. Whether the stairs are too tight v the wall, or there space items the block the stairs.If your household is too huge and not sufficient with the room, pick a staircase v a minimalist model. Execute not location the stairs as well close to the wall surface of the floor 2. Ar of stairs 2 or 3 cities in prior of the wall of the second floor, remove items that block the stairs.You now have actually stairs in Sim"s house!On what floor carry out I have to put increase the stairs?
You need to place the stairs top top the 1st floor to get up to the 2nd floor, place the stairs on the second floor to go as much as the third floor and also so onIf i delete my residence do ns still have floors 2 and 3 or carry out I have to buy it again?Unfortunately you need to buy the againIf I add 4 floors, that method I can include 4 an ext sim to continue to be at the house?No, preferably sim stays in 1 fixed 4 center house