Red is the shade of love and both men and also women can rock a selection of various styles that red shorts, native bike shorts and cargo shorts, to red short shorts with a pair that boots or red linen shorts with a pretty pair of sandals. Here is a list of options


Women or men have the right to sport a pair that red shorts through a matching red blazer. You have the right to wear a white or black color shirt or tank peak underneath the blazer and pair the outfit with a pair of heels for women and also dressy loafers because that men. This is the kind of outfit that looks professional sufficient to wear to the office or even a service luncheon. You can even adjust things up and also wear a pair that white shorts and also a red blazer or red high belt shorts through a blue blazer.

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Red High waist Shorts


You deserve to boast a pair of red high waisted shorts with a navy or black v white polka period shirt for a unique and fun look. High waisted shorts are much better for females than men and this look can be worn to the office or to the beach.

Strappy Sandal and Red Shorts

An instance of a great red pair of strappy sandal because that men:


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A pair that red strappy sandals for women:


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Choosing the ideal shoe to wear with any outfit is super important because it can make or break the watch you space going for. A pair the red shorts paired through strappy sandals not only looks great but have the right to be really comfortable come wear. The watch is also versatile so you have the right to wear the from the office come drinks v a friend.

This look works for both men and also women and also you have the right to opt because that a red pair the strappy sandals or you have the right to go because that a pair that black, white, brown, or tan that will likewise look great with your outfit.

Blue Shirt through Red Shorts

The look because that men:


The red shorts with blue height for women:


This look functions for both men and women. The fun truth is you execute not need to limit yourself to only wearing blue and also red together for the fourth of July since this outfit looks great anytime and also virtually anywhere. Girlfriend can even opt come pair red shorts v a blue blazer because that dressier occasions with a white, black, tan, or cream optimal underneath.

Red Jean Shorts

Denim shorts carry out not simply come in blue denim however a multitude of colors and styles, including red. A red denim quick can it is in paired v a T-shirt or a dressy shirt for men or women. In other words, you can dress up or dress down a pair relying on the location or occasion you will certainly be wearing them.

Red jean shorts can end up being a wardrobe clip of sorts for both a dressy, classic look or a casual look. You can additionally pair this kind of red shorts v a red, white, blue, or black denim jacket.

Red Chino Shorts

This look at for guys paired with a black color or marine shirt works well because that both a dressy chance or a more casual one:


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Women deserve to rock this look with a white, tan, beige, black, or even yellow top:


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A pair the red chino shorts not only gives a standard look and style yet this kind of brief is just comfy come wear. They are not too brief or also long and just make a great pair of short trousers that you can even pair with a sweater or cardigan in the cooler month of spring or fall.

Red Bermuda Short


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Red Bermuda shorts are a an excellent option for males or women when you want a much longer pair the shorts that space comfortable yet stylish. This type of red quick is much more casual therefore you deserve to wear a pair of flat sandals with them or opt for a pretty sneaker and also T-Shirt to complete the look.

Red Cuffed Shorts

Source: Old Navy

Red cuffed shorts for guys or women work an excellent with basically any form of casual top, included a stripe shirt. Girlfriend can complete the look through a pair that white sneakers or a casual pair that sandals for a stylish yet relaxing look and also feel.

Red Cargo Shorts


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Men or women deserve to rock a pair of cargo shorts however men tend to gain them the most because of every the pockets the are accessible in this form of short. You can keep a wallet, flashlight, keys, and also other item in the pockets which provides these shorts stylish and also functional. You deserve to pair them through a white shirt, black color top, or also a T-Shirt relying on the look you room going for and where you space going.

Red bike Shorts


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Red cycle shorts space a wonderful selection for men or women whether you room going to yoga class, to the ball field to watch your children’s game, or to in reality go cycling. This pair the shorts is stylish, sleek, and can be worn through a variety of different types and color of tops and shoes, return sneakers seem come work finest with this type of red short.

Red Linen Shorts


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Red linen shorts space a great option for guys or women because they will help keep you cool and carry out a very stylish and also classic look. You have the right to pair them v black tops, blue shirts, white, yellow, tan, or beige to absent these shorts no matter what the chance is.

Red quick Shorts

Red brief shorts, or mini shorts, space not just sexy, yet they are additionally a practical selection for women once it is really hot outside. Lock look an excellent with a wide variety of tops, consisting of blue tank top or white chop tops.

Red Shorts through Boots

Women specifically can absent a pair of equivalent red boots through their red shorts. Girlfriend can include a pair of fish eye boots or tall boots to her red shorts outfit and also you will certainly stand the end in any kind of crowd. Friend can even opt for a different shade or style of boots, including white, black, or gray.

FAQs around Red Shorts

What colors work with red shorts?

There is variety of colors that both men and also women have the right to wear through red shorts, including white, beige, tan, gray, black, and blue.

What goes through red gym shorts?

Red shorts or trousers are bold and will look an excellent with a white or blue height for males or women to wear come the gym or various other casual events with a pair of sneakers.

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What walk wearing red typical today?

Red is the shade to undertake on nationwide Wear Red job in February. The day was set aside come raise awareness the heart an illness in women yet it is a an excellent reminder for guys also. Heart disease is often linked with males yet it is the number one killer the women.