One that the concerns that students and parents regularly ask after ~ purchasing your cap and gown is: how do ns wear the tassel at the graduation ceremony, and does it issue which side it falls on?

Surprisingly enough, over there is not one answer come this question. Follow to the American scholastic Costume Code, the location of the tassel is often used to indicate the presentation of her degree. Depending on the degree you"re graduating from, here"s just how you have to wear her tassel before & ~ the ceremony:

High college Graduation

For a high college graduation ceremony, tassels have to be worn ~ above the ideal side that the graduation cap before the ceremony. When directed by the graduation speaker or diploma presenter, the tassel will be moved from the right to the left, i m sorry signifies that you have actually earned your high college diploma. Therefore, the is likewise the finest to take your graduation photos v the tassels on your right as well, indicating the accomplishment of your high institution diploma. 

College - associate or Bachelor Degree

When receiving an undergraduate degree at a college or university, the tassel will begin on the appropriate side that the cap. Throughout the commencement, you will be instructed to upper and lower reversal the tassel indigenous the ideal side come the left when you space handed the combine or Bachelor"s level certificate; or you will be notified to flip the tassel through all student of your class after all certificates space awarded. Similarly, you can take the graduation picture wil the tassels top top your appropriate to commemorate the level you worked hard for!

College - Post-Graduate Degrees

For a grasp or Doctoral degree, tassels need to be worn ~ above the left next of the cap and stays there throughout the entire commemcement ceremony.

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The various tassel placement, in addition to different masters or doctoral gowns, distinguishes girlfriend from the undergraduate students once the college hosts one start ceremony for every degrees.

To do this easier, we offer many Master"s and Doctoral degree Tams with tassels at Cap and Gown Direct, including the Octagon (8-side) Tam, Hexagon (6-side) Tam, and Square (4-side) Tam. The tassels are already fixed to the side of the tam, so you won"t need to worry about your tassel moving around as girlfriend walk come the stage! 


Do girlfriend have any kind of questions on how to wear your graduation cap and also gown? We"re here to help! leave a comment listed below or fight the chat switch to contact a graduation specialist in ~ Cap and also Gown Direct.