If we were looking in ~ which state had actually the most NFL teams before the 2020 season, the prize would have actually been California.

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However, this is the an initial season the the Raiders have actually not called California home since they began playing in the AFL back in 1960. They moved to ras Vegas before this season started.

Since the Raiders (formerly of Oakland and also Los Angeles) determined to relocate their procedure to Nevada, California is now tied through Florida because that the state with the many NFL teams.

Despite shedding the silver and also black, California still has the mountain Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, and Los Angeles Chargers. Meanwhile, Florida is house to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa just Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins.

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California"s NFL teams

The 49ers space the many storied NFL franchise in California, having actually won five Super Bowls indigenous 1981 with 1994. The main point of countless of those those great San Francisco teams was made up of room of reputation quarterback Joe Montana, all-time an excellent wide recipient Jerry Rice, and legendary head coach invoice Walsh, who was the pioneer that the "West shore offense." In the Niners" 1994 Super key season, QB Steve Young was at the helm of the offense, and George Seifert was the coach who led them to glory. The 49ers win the Chargers in the supervisor Bowl the year.


The Los Angeles Rams have called California house for many of your franchise’s existence. Native 1946 come 1994, and then again native 2016 v the present, the Rams have actually been based in southern California, and have had some remarkable teams within that period.

In the 1980’s, the L.A. Rams featured among the best NFL running backs of all time in Eric Dickerson, who tore defenses personally and collection the league’s solitary season rushing record in 1984. In 2018, the Rams make the supervisor Bowl having actually recently went back to Los Angeles, behind head coach Sean McVay and also his attack creativity.


The Chargers have actually recently jumped around the southern component of the state, but have been a fixture the California football because 1960 when they play in the AFL. They invested their an initial season in the AFL in Los Angeles, but then were based in mountain Diego because that the next 55 years. Climate in 2017, the team moved earlier to Los Angeles, whereby they have actually been ever since. If the team has actually not quite obtained over the hump and also won the at sight Bowl, they’ve had some remarkable quarterbacks in their history, such together Dan Fouts, Stan Humphries, attracted Brees and also Philip Rivers.


Florida"s NFL teams

Not to it is in forgotten, however, room the Florida groups that offer NFL pan plenty to root because that each week.

The Tampa just Buccaneers came right into the NFL in 1976, however got turn off to as slow-moving a start as any type of team can possibly have. They shed every solitary one that their games in their inaugural season, walking 0-14. Points did choose up after that, however it wasn’t until the so late 1990’s and early 2000’s that the Bucs established an identification on defense with Tony Dungy as their head coach. Those squads featured menacing DT Warren Sapp, physical LB Derrick Brooks, and also hard hitting S john Lynch. They won the Super key in 2002 v John Gruden as their head coach, and also have Super key aspirations again this season after gaining future room of fame quarterback Tom Brady.


The Jacksonville Jaguars came into the NFL in 1995, but they had quite the opposite experience of the Buccaneers in their first few seasons. They made the playoffs 4 out that their an initial five seasons, and also lost in the AFC Championship game twice in the span. Those teams were led through future Super bowl winning coach Tom Coughlin, and also anchored through QB note Brunell, WR Jimmy Smith, and also T Tony Boselli.

On this mainly 27 year ago, the Jacksonville Jaguars became the NFL"s 30th franchise. Here"s a look back at the significant steps top top the road to that milestone. Https://t.co/M9srtXZYQa

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The Jaguars finished up making the AFC title video game again in 2017, and also had a command in the fourth quarter versus the new England Patriots in that contest. That season, Jacksonville featured a ferocious defense, anchored by CB Jalen Ramsey, CB A.J. Bouye, and also LB Myles Jack, amongst many various other standout players.

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The Miami Dolphins space the third team in Florida, and also have had the most success the end of any of the Sunshine State squads. The Dolphins record the only undefeated season in NFL history, not losing a game on their means to winning the Super bowl in 1972.

Miami remained a perennial force in the AFC transparent the 1980’s and most that the 1990’s, thanks to one of the biggest quarterbacks in NFL history, Dan Marino. Marino had a historic second season in the NFL, becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for 5,000 yards in a season.